LETTERS: Florida school shooting / Wallingford Community Pool  

LETTERS: Florida school shooting / Wallingford Community Pool  

Shocked and dismayed


It is with a heavy heart that I take pen in hand at this time. I am shocked and dismayed that 17 people died and many more injured in Parkland, Florida. When are, as citizens of this great country, we going to wake up to the fact that the Second Amendment to our Constitution is out dated and antiquated?It was written in a time when the head of a family had a musket to defend their family. When the next family was probably 10 miles away.

As of late the National Rifle Association and Gun lobbies would have you believe that it is your right to bear arms. That is a fallacy. Their only care is that the arms manufacturers get richer. They would have you believe that guns don’t kill, people kill! Parkland, Fla., Sandy Hook Connecticut, Las Vegas should prove that wrong. Enough is enough. 

It is time we took our Country back from these greedy fire arms manufacturers. We should be taking a long look at our mental health system. A person who takes 17 lives is not in their right mind. There has to be help for them. Not just execution.

A person that has been deemed insane or a violent felon should not be able to buy a firearm. Australia has banned guns, they never had another mass shooting!

Edward G. DeRosa, Meriden

Keep the pool


To the articles in the Record-Journal concerning the Wallingford Community Pool:

To destroy or fix was the question. This pool has been around for many years. My parents and other families learned how to swim there. There aren’t enough place for kids and adults to keep cool on those hot summer days. Some people don’t have the land or housing for pools of their own. It’s sad that money is standing in the way for kids and adults to keep cool in the summer.

Yes, I know it takes money for the upkeep, but this pool has brought much happiness to people and is worth every penny. If you have to up prices for tickets or arm bands, and parking than let it be. But to take away this pool and put in a ball field which still calls for upkeep -- and there are many fields now -- is wrong.

Please reconsider on fixing the pool and dressing area. Don't take away something so enjoyable. It’s a good clean area always taken care of.

Also it gives some school kids summer jobs, for life guards. This pool also took in handicapped special needs people (kids) for a month.

Please reconsider keeping this pool open. They have fixed many city pools  – Cheshire and Southington for example.

Please don’t close the Wallingford pool.

Fran Sweet, Wallingford




After 9-11 we were promised sharing of information between all government agencies, including those who operate outside our country.

Since this has not been adhered to, the U.S. should present all mass assault tips, names, redacted, to training classes in the agencies, as a service to us and to them.

Claudia Dunton, Wallingford




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