LETTERS: A warning to Wallingford high school students on gun protest

LETTERS: A warning to Wallingford high school students on gun protest

Follow your hearts


To Wallingford high school students:

I read you met with the superintendent of schools in Wallingford to explain your plans to have a high school walk-out on March 14 to support the high school students at Parkland in Florida.  You are to be admired for taking this position and for having wisdom to inform the superintendent.

But I would caution you that while the adults are willing to talk to you, be careful if they start telling you what you can and cannot do.  These adults have had many years to do something about this problem. While some in Connecticut have in fact passed some laws to support school safety from guns, the NRA is too powerful in Washington, D.C., for elected state officials to get anywhere on gun safety nationally.  I would remind you that the NRA gave $32 million to Trump. Trump wants to arm teachers with hand guns so they can try and shoot someone with a semi-automatic gun in buildings with narrow hallways full of hundreds of frightened students running everywhere for their lives.  This is the NRA’s plan; instead of improving the universal-checks/waiting process or restricting semi-automatic guns/ammo from purchases. They will try and tell you it’s a mental health problem. It isn’t.

Be careful of discussions with politicians, especially if they want to bring guns into your school or continue to sell semi-automatic weapons. Listen to your peers. Listen to those students from Parkland, from Sandy Hook, from Columbine. Listen to their parents. They are speaking from the heart with experience and common sense that adults in Washington, D.C., and sometimes Wallingford are missing.

There have been 208 school shootings since Columbine. Before 1999, there have been hundreds more. Hundreds have been killed. You are young but follow your hearts on this one.

Richard Caplan, Wallingford>f 1003<

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