LETTERS: In praise of WPAA-TV

LETTERS: In praise of WPAA-TV

Making a difference


Congratulations to the staff at WPAA-TV for the variety and excellence of the valuable programs they provide. I particularly enjoy “Citizen Mike” featuring Mike Brodinsky and Ralph Tomaselli, and their “tell it like it is” style of reporting current events and politics in town.

Some of my other favorites are the informational interview shows offered by the library personnel, “Community Conversation,” and especially “MidLIFE Matters” with Georgian Lussier. However, what I consider the best news show being broadcast on TV today is “Democracy Now” with Amy Goodman.

It is essential for me to be able to watch this new broadcast which airs every day on WPAA-TV because it is honest and intelligent and is without any of the hype and spin usually included on the other networks.

Thank you to all at WPAA-TV for making a difference in my life. Your time and effort are much appreciated.

Irma Zola, Wallingford