LETTERS: Meriden budget / Trump haters, get over it  

LETTERS: Meriden budget / Trump haters, get over it  

Trump haters, get over it


When will you Trump-haters get over it, you lost the election! The thing I object to is if you said such hateful things about President Obama, you’d be called a racist.

My next gripe is that the State of Connecticut is broke except for welfare, illegals and liberal causes. Give the kids in Meriden meals for free and then give their families WIC and SNAP. Why work when the government will support you and your family? Illegals, by their very name, are here illegally so why argue the point. How do illegals pay taxes since you need a Social Security number and you can’t get one since they’re illegals?

Athletes who don’t want to stand for the National Anthem, expect revenues to fall, attendance to fall and TV rating to collapse. Athletes who don’t want to go to the White House – stay away! Fact check this – the use of force guidelines were defined by the decision Tennessee v Gardner, a black police officer shot an unarmed black. As a whole, the number of incidents of police killings and police assaults rise but, as a whole, no one cares. The story will be in the news for a couple of days and then forgotten while minority incidents will linger forever.

I am so sick and tired of anti-Trump haters and liberal Democrats!

John Anzidei, Wallingford

Wake up, Meriden


With the awakening that is happening in Meriden, with the petition going around to send the budget to public referendum, one of the common themes with the signers has been growth and lack thereof.

With little research one can see in the past 10 years our mill rate went from 28.85 to what will now be 41.73. Approximately 13-point skyrocket in a decade. Whereas the surrounding towns have not increased 5 in the same amount of time.

The accountability of those charged with growing our city is non existent. Juliet Burdelski is the director of economic development, and has been since 2012. She hasn’t grown anything economically, publicly fought with a city manager who asked for results, resigned but took it back when he was terminated for no cause. How did the city take her back? Why? Her lack of results has a direct effect on our tax increase.

The taxpayers deserve better. It’s time for her to be replaced with someone who can bring in fresh ideas and a new way of thinking. And we really don’t care if they play well with others, we need results. I hope this reaches those in power to make change. And I hope they take the actions necessary to aid in the growth of our city.

Michael Carabetta, Meriden


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