LETTERS: Connecticut GOP / Resonse to “conservative opinion” / Fed-up Meriden taxpayers 

LETTERS: Connecticut GOP / Resonse to “conservative opinion” / Fed-up Meriden taxpayers 

What does the party stand for?


While Connecticut Republicans stand a chance of winning seats this November, exactly what the party will fight for is a mystery. With the economy in a mess due to some of the highest taxes in the nation and a budget process held hostage by last-minute leadership proposals, the party must do two things. 1) Institute a minimum four-week review period for budgets so the public and assembly can read, discuss and pass them. Currently, bills are presented with minutes to go with no oversight except for a few lucky and too powerful officials. This is dishonest.

Secondly, Republicans must have a long-term plan to reduce taxes. Both issues are crucial to the future of our state. Currently, party leadership seems to enjoy short-changing the state by heavy handling of programs and funding. No wonder why this state is in a mess.

It is not enough to just vote in Republicans this year. We must vote in a party that has an idea of what to do to make our state great again. They must fix the big things and be accountable. Up to Sen. Fasano and Rep. Klarides.

Serge G. Mihaly Jr., Woodbury

Dissent vs. censorship


William Butka's letter (R-J, 7/13) said "conservative" opinion is "being stoned to death." Is pushback on "conservative" opinions "death"? Has anyone gone on trial for opinions?

Butka also expressed dismay that anyone would dare to stand up to the current POTUS's abuse of power and corruption, but condemns Obama for what he perceives as an abuse, saying he "jammed Obamacare down our throats" without Congress reviewing it. An absolute lie. There were many hours of meetings, testimony before the vote. Does Butka remember the Republican rallies shouting "death panels"? The Republicans did not participate, on orders of McConnell, as was the case with the stolen Supreme Court seat.

People in POTUS's campaign have talked to the Russians. There have been 20+ indictments, 5 guilty pleas on this issue.

To your views on refugees from countries on the "terrorist watch list," they are refugees escaping terrorists. They are not terrorists. Cruelty and indifference are not signs of strength. Empathy and compassion are not signs of weakness.

Here is an extremely short tutorial on the First Amendment, and free speech. Free speech implies you can express your opinions freely. others can express opposing opinions freely.The First Amendment prohibits the government from prosecuting you for those opinions. Don't confuse “dissent” with government prosecution. The current POTUS's attacks on the press is, in spirit, a violation of 1st A. “Conservatives" accuse their opponents of "unconstitutional" acts, but do not understand the contents of the Constitution.

Roy Bellante, Cheshire

A fed-up taxpayer


Administration salaries are outrageous, not just in Meriden but throughout the state. They have to apply cuts to school children’s education so they can have elaborate pay and benefits that average working taxpayers don't get. If they really care about the children's education they would take a cut. Isn't it funny that they bring kids to a budget meeting and use them as a tool to benefit themself. I didn't know kids paid taxes. Take a look at how much is paid to administrators, then what is going to supplies that are used to teach children. When my children were in school some teachers where paying for supplies out of their own pockets. What's up with that? I end this letter here. I’m just a fed-up taxpayer.

Mike Mason, Meriden

Voice of the people


No council meeting on June 18. How pathetic is that? Lack of a quorum? I doubt that. Another way to shut down the voice of the public due to a petition being circulated to have a referendum or another foolish thing. They should be taken to task like in private enterprise. You don't come to work, you don't get paid.

It has also been the problem with Public Safety. I do not fault Michael Cardona as he calls the meetings and the rest of the committee does not show up.

For three months there is agendas that should be approved or disapproved, no quorum. I do believe committee heads should also have pay deducted as they are NOT performing their job and just because there is no agenda does not mean that they cannot have a public comment session.

Guess in many cases taxpayers’ feelings are not one to their liking. Don't Tell Me What To Do even though you elected me.

Of the people, by the people, for the people – NOT in Meriden.

Dan Zaborowski, Meriden



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