LETTERS: Future of Wallingford’s Community Pool / Is American a “boiling pot of hatred” / MS fundraiser at Gaylord

LETTERS: Future of Wallingford’s Community Pool / Is American a “boiling pot of hatred” / MS fundraiser at Gaylord

Deepest appreciation


Once again, The Birney and Gagliardi families wish to thank the many folks in the Wallingford community and beyond for the success of our annual fundraiser held at Gaylord Hospital on Friday, May 18th. Our deepest appreciation and sincere gratitude goes out to our many donors, sponsors, and guests in making this yearly event extremely special.

Our EBG Endowment Fund provides aid to Gaylord Hospital in continuing its mission of enhancing and preserving a future for those afflicted with Multiple Sclerosis and Traumatic Brain Injuries.

We deeply appreciate the kindness and loyalty to all who have supported this cause throughout the years.  As always, we thank  Gaylord Hospital for their concern and dedication to the many patients seeking their care.

Submitted by Katherine Birney,
Wallingford, for the
Birney & Gagliardi Families

What comes next?


Let me begin this letter by stating that I am not a “bleeding heart liberal,” but I am ashamed and sickened by what our country has become. It is beginning to look like Nazi Germany … snatching children away from their mothers, locking people up in cages, guns abound, skinheads and other bigots revered by our “leader,” and many other appalling situations too numerous to mention.

Yes, more people are employed now, and our economy has improved, but at what cost … our humanity and decency?  I fear for what comes next in this boiling pot of hatred.

Nancy Valla, Wallingford

Best pool area


To whom it may concern, the Wallingford Community pool is the subject. Very important project, to many. It’s worth keeping this beautiful pool open. I think keeping only Wallingford residents in maybe hurt a lot of people. Maybe now if others are allowed back the amount of people will be back. I have paid $50.00 for season pass, and I would every time. My cousins (10) all learned how to swim here when younger, I am now 68 years old. Many people don’t have to a chance to swim. Putting in sprinklers is copying Meriden’s water park, which only the younger kids use. Please don’t take away the best pool area around. It has a section for little kids and adults who just want to stay cool and can’t swim, just to cool off. Ball parks, too many around. I use to live in Wallingford, have  moved to Meriden, my dad lived in Wallingfrod until he passed away in 2015. We used his pass because I  lived part time in Wallingford.

Please don’t change something beautiful and good. Some people don’t have property for a pool. It’s worth fixing.

Deborah Scata, Meriden

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