LETTERS: The usual suspects circling the wagons in Wallingford

LETTERS: The usual suspects circling the wagons in Wallingford

Usual suspects circling the wagons


It was with mild amusement and no surprise that I noticed several pieces in the paper rebutting the recent submissions by prospective mayoral candidate Jared Liu. An editorial and a letter were submitted by those whom I like to refer to as the usual suspects. Every two years, Steve Knight and Pat Krohl put pen to paper to vociferously campaign for the mayor. Steve frequently uses his biweekly column to promote the current administration. This is all well and good, of course. That’s politics. In addition, a town employee even chimed in to accuse Mr. Liu of having his facts wrong. I’ll let the questionable propriety of that go for now. 

I’m not looking to defend every point made by anyone. Jared has done what few have before. He is presenting detailed plans that address local government across the board. They are well-researched and thoughtfully prepared. If one’s response is to quickly dispute some of his figures, it is because the subject matter is hitting a nerve. Besides, trying to get the most accurate figures about anything from the administration is a chore. Just look at how an employee was quick to present numbers and information that contradicted what Jared wrote about. Why didn’t he simply provide that information to Jared in the first place? Public information should be just that, public.

Regardless of bickering over some details, those in public office know that plans change when one truly enters the battle. What we should focus on is how Mr. Liu is framing the debate, categorizing the issues, and proposing ways to improve upon the status quo that, frankly, has us in a bit of a rut. 

Keep an open mind and hear what Jared has to say. And be prepared. The Dickinson Brigade is armed and ready, as usual.

Vincent Testa, Wallingford

The writer is a Wallingford town councilor.