LETTERS: Abolish the state income tax

LETTERS: Abolish the state income tax

Abolish the income tax!


In 1991, under Gov. Weicker, Connecticut became the 41st and final state to implement a state income tax. In only 27 years, the income tax rate has increased nearly 55% of its original amount, from 4.5% to 7%. Despite the growing number of tax increases Connecticut faces, the state economy continues to suffer and shrink. So what gives?

As of 2017, compared to our neighbors (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and New Hampshire), Connecticut has the highest personal income tax, corporate income tax, capital gains tax, excise tax on cigarettes, and estate tax, the second highest sales tax, excise tax on gasoline and alcohol, and property taxes.

Despite these, Connecticut maintains a growing $53 billion debt, and an $18 billion budget deficit. State spending continues to increase, up 71% since 1991, and the ever growing need for revenue fuels the state government to implement taxes on whatever they can get their hands on.

Abolishing the income tax at this point seems like a step backwards. Connecticut has a growing debt, why would the solution be fewer taxes? Put simply, it isn’t. Connecticut needs to cut spending and foster growth in order to see economic stability, or even prosperity.

Abolishing the income tax is, however, the first step. Companies and workers are leaving the state for better opportunities, and abolishing the income tax makes Connecticut more attractive to these economic catalysts.

States without an income tax find other sources of revenue, sources Connecticut already uses. It’s time we make the change, too.

Tyler Peruta, Southington

Thanks to Village School


Six years ago when both of my daughters, Kaitlyn and Sarah, started attending the Village School in North Haven in place of our local public school I was just relieved to have them in a setting that could keep them safe while trying to maintain their educational plans.

Katie didn’t have the ability to speak and Sarah had a very limited means of communicating her wants or needs and both had extreme behaviors constantly jeopardizing their safety.

The girls started a regimented routine of speech therapy, occupational therapy, PT, ABA and integrated all of the behavioral programs into their entire day and the results are more than I could have imagined. They communicate with me, with each other and with their peers. They understand so much more than I ever thought they could and now they are moving on to a new school. Sarah last year and Katie this week.

Their breakthroughs are in no small part due to the tireless team of educators at the Village school.

Cara C, Natalie,  Jenn, Sandy, Cara O, Suzanne, Michelle, Kathy, Lisa, Colleen, Virginia, Carol, Rose, Jim, Megan, Perri, Kim, Gabby, Tina, Cristina, Lisa, Mimi, Karol, Talanna, Stephanie, Phillicia, Dee Dee, Brittany, Twayne, Ashley, Leigh and Karen. The work you do is truly noble and the results have changed our lives. Thank you!

We will miss you very much as they move on to their next adventure.

The Rothenhausens, Newtown


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