LETTERS: President Trump’s immigration policies / Keep bicycles off sidewalks in downtown Meriden  

LETTERS: President Trump’s immigration policies / Keep bicycles off sidewalks in downtown Meriden  

Have we forgotten?


As written on the tablets held in the arms of the lady in the harbor, “Give me your tired, Your poor, Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free, The wretched refuse of your teeming shore. Send these, the homeless, tempest tossed to me, I lift my lamp beside the golden door.” These words seem to have been forgotten with our actions on the southern border. It makes me ashamed of the country I so proudly served.

W. E. Rodgers, Wallingford

Who are we becoming?


Have “we the people” now decided that separating/imprisoning young immigrant children from their parents is all right? Trump praises dictators who imprison their people, who murder their people. Trump insults American Gold Star parents, insults opposing politicians/women, belittles our Justice Department for not protecting him, demands complete loyalty; lies daily … praises himself, demeans our allies and then lies more. Who are we becoming?

What comes after separating children from their parents? Rounding up Hispanics and Muslims as we did the Japanese long ago?

Trump’s characteristics sound the alarms announcing a very fragile man who cannot tolerate anything but praise and compliments. Moments of disappointment are reported and he experiences temper tantrums. Should he be in control of nuclear weapons? Differences with Trump’s opinion must be met with insults. “Only I can fix us,” he tells us. That’s not how democracies work. We have a Legislative, an Executive, and a Judicial branch.

Half of us in Wallingford voted for him; will we do that again? Who are we?

Who are we becoming? Should we turn our backs again as we did in the late 1930’s refusing/sending Jewish immigrants back to their deaths in concentration camps?

Is Trump advocating Institutional Racism? Trump said there were plenty of nice people in the North Carolina demonstrations “on both sides”? If we support him, are we supporting racism? Does Trump even support democracy? He seems at war with the justice and the legislative branches. And do you get it’s never his fault for anything? He seems to prefer fascism.

Congress: do not negotiate an immigration bill until he stops separating children from their parents. Just once let him own and fix the very problem that he has created. Let us make him accountable. For once, let him face life as a real grown up.

Richard Caplan, Wallingford

Make Meriden safe for all!


Bicyclists should not be allowed on sidewalks in Meriden’s business district. An ordinance should be in place and enforced, especially in front and back of the Meriden Senior Center. No Biking and No Skateboarding signs needed to inform and guide the public. Let’s make Meriden safer for all!

Unsafe for “seniors” and a personal injury lawsuit waiting to happen for the City of Meriden.

Mike Lopos, Meriden


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