EDITORIAL: Anti-Trumpers / America is lost 

EDITORIAL: Anti-Trumpers / America is lost 

Needed: Real solutions


Greetings to all you anti-Trumpers out there. Stop your conniptions. Start with solving problems by suggesting some real solutions. All I hear (Maxine) is hate anger and repugnance.

Example: Immigration to America like my father had. Apply, get in line and follow the rules. Have a sponsor, get a job and no government support. You make it on your own or go home. Everybody cries about the children. You don’t drag them here and claim asylum. I call that child abuse, using your own children as pawns.

I read in the R-J where preschool funding is being cut. Moms complain my child won’t learn his ABC’s numbers or colors. What happened to parents teaching them?

All of these do-gooder programs funded by federal, state and local tax dollars for select groups of people. Guess who pays? I do because I took responsibility to ensure my retirement. Fifty percent of our population don’t pay taxes and receive E.I.T.C.

Didn’t like. Pratt St. boulevard and the bridge to nowhere plus no toilets. Affordable housing with four bedroom apt. and all new appliances?

Liked: Mike Carabetta and petition. Congrats I will vote against proposed budget July 10 to 17. Find out where your money goes. Solution: Just stop spending.

To all American citizens: Let’s support the president. Elections have consequences, prayer answered, another SCOTUS conservative appointed to follow constitutions, 2nd amendment guaranteed.

You don’t buy my vote, you earned it. I am the NRA and I stand for my freedom and kneel for the cross.

S.C Staszewski, Meriden

America is lost


She is adrift. There are no leaders, no patriots that will recognize that a personality cult has turned this country into a second-rate, hateful demonic country because of Lyin' Don and his " basket of deplorables."

We are no longer a world power.

America was born on July 4, 1776, but died on January 20, 2017 during the Trump "carnage" speech.

Just look at America in the eyes of the world.

Children separated from their  parents, wrapped in Mylar, laying on concrete floors, held in cages.

How could you be proud to be an American? Frankly, when I travel abroad this summer, I will tell people that I am Canadian.

But there is hope that the Trump people in the red states will suffer.

The new 21st century Smoot-Hawley tariiffs will punish these people. The world should not purchase soy beans or automotive parts from us.

They have and will take their business elsewhere, such as Canada or Mexico. I proudly tell the world, "Do Not Do Business With the US !" Who are we to tell other countries that we are better than they are?

Maybe when US companies close and people are laid off and I am happy that this is happening, the Trump supporters will get the message that they made a mistake.

Not my president !

Paul E, Gradwell, Meriden


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