LETTERS: Time for impeachment, attitudes bordering on elitism in Wallingford

LETTERS: Time for impeachment, attitudes bordering on elitism in Wallingford

Time for impeachment!


This so-called president has no right to even sit in the White House. June 29th edition of the Record-Journal was the last straw! Trump shaking hands with Putin making a mockery of our elections! Wink wink. There was also an article by Charles Blow about advice columnist E. Jean Carroll being assaulted by our so-called commander in chief! He said she wasn’t his type! Jared Kushner having private conversations with other countries without knowledge! It is time to get rid of this muppet who creates chaos in order to try to restore it! We never had this problem with immigration until he made it so! Get out and vote for anybody but Trump. Hopefully, he won’t make it that far! Or I’m thinking of moving to Canada! There is no more democracy!

John Klinski, Meriden

Bordering on elitism


After reading Opinion Columns and Readers’ Opinions I believe we are going to experience spirited political campaigns leading to November’s local election. It is important everyone has the opportunity to express their opinions on the candidates and their platforms in an objective manner. Those who would like to see change in Wallingford’s leadership have the opportunity to express their views and opinions twice a month at Town Council meetings, through Readers’ Opinions and on local forums. I find it somewhat naïve that some seeking change in leadership believe it premature for individuals to comment upon Mr. Liu’s campaign platform, which he has outlined through numerous op-ed columns and on Facebook, prior to him receiving his party’s nomination for mayor. Does anyone really believe there is another individual seeking the Democrat Party’s nomination for mayor? 

It seems somewhat insulting for some to label as “the usual suspects” and “minions” those who commented upon and took issue with some of Mr. Liu’s plans for Wallingford. I suspect this labeling is a subtle attempt to be dismissive of those individuals and their opinions and/or an attempt to divert attention from those opinions. Maybe it is just me, but some may consider that approach bordering on elitism. I would suggest before anyone places a label on someone else, consider how you would react if that label was placed on you. It is also disconcerting someone has vaguely raised the question whether someone’s employment should prohibit an individual from exercising her/his First Amendment right to free speech. What do you think, does considering suppressing someone’s right to free speech, because of employment, seem an enlightened approach to the First Amendment?   A spirited discussion about the future of Wallingford is healthy. All of us should consider participating in a thoughtful and respectful manner. 

Jim Seichter, Wallingford


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