LETTERS: Meriden referendum / Wallingford fireworks / Will Pruitt have to pay?

LETTERS: Meriden referendum / Wallingford fireworks / Will Pruitt have to pay?

Vote ‘yes’ to reject budget


As a resident of Meriden for the last 27 years, I feel the need to write for several reasons.

I want to urge everyone to get out to vote on the referendum being presented July 18. If you are on the Platt/Lincoln side of town, the voting will take place from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Lincoln. Everyone on the East Side will be at Maloney, same day, same hours.

The budget as it currently stands includes a 4.66 percent tax increase. Many residents came together to obtain the signatures required to force this referendum.

They will be voting YES to reject the budget.

 I applaud their efforts to exercise their right to speak out against the budget as it stands. Surely there is waste that can be eliminated and fat that can be skimmed off the top.

A YES vote will reject the budget and force it back to the drawing board for another look.

Cuts can be painful, I know, but to ask taxpayers year after year after year to open their pocketbooks wider is just not right. Many are leaving our city or planning to because of this.

Whatever way this goes, not everyone can afford to leave, but it’s getting harder and harder to stay. This referendum is truly democracy in action. VOTE, please.

Judith Kupstis, Meriden

The fireworks were great


The Wallingford fireworks were phenomenal. The people really got their money’s worth for once.

Hope next year’s is greater than this year’s. Thank you, donors.

Mike Sadonis, Meriden

Will Pruitt have to pay?

According to Frank Bruni's column in the R-J, Scott Pruitt has ripped off taxpayers to the tune of a minimum of $164,560 on such items as a phone booth, deluxe fountain pens, and first-class travel to Italy. (We're protecting Italy's environment?)

Is Congress, or anyone, making any effort to see that he repays what he owes to the American people?

Linda Zamoic Hayes, Southington

Where to vote on budget


July 18 is almost here!

That's the day Meriden's new budget will be put to a public vote. Right now home owners are looking at a 4.6 percent increase on their house and cars will be taxed an additional 13 percent. Vote YES to reject the budget and send it back to the Council.

There are only two polling stations, Maloney High School and Lincoln Middle School, and they will be open from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. on Wednesday, July 18.

If you typically vote at Immanuel Lutheran Church, Community Towers, John Barry School, Firehouse-Chamberlain Highway, Hanover School or Lincoln Middle School — You will vote at Lincoln Middle School.

If you typically vote at St. Rose Community Center, Firehouse-Sherman Ave., Washington Middle School, Christian Center Church on Bee Street, Maloney High School, St. John Lutheran Church or Israel Putnam School — You will vote at Maloney High School.

If you're unsure of where to vote, contact the City Clerk's office at (203) 630-4030. Absentee ballots are also available at the City Clerk's office. Mark your calendars and let your voice be heard on July 18th. VOTE YES!

Tina Manley, Meriden

Send a clear message


The budget referendum will be held on Wednesday, July 18, at both Maloney H.S. and Lincoln Middle School. It is imperative that Meriden residents vote to send a clear message to our City Council. The ballot question will read, "Shall the 2018/19 city budget be rejected?" A yes vote means no to the adopted City Council budget, which will result in an approximate 4.5 percent increase on your house/property tax.

Expect a significant tax increase on your car tax as well. I encourage every property owner to call the City Clerk's office to get the actual figures on how much more you will be paying if the adopted budget stands.

My tax bill on my very average home will be significantly greater than the $200 increase being thrown out by city officials.

The unjust termination of former City Manager Guy Scaife has come back to bite us all in the backside. Mr. Scaife was a professional, competent city manager who always was looking out for the city taxpayers, and holding city employees accountable. Now it's back to the same ol' boys’ and girls' network.  Take a strong stand, VOTE, and reject the tax increase.

Tom Pannone, Meriden


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