LETTERS: Praise for union workers / Stop newsprint tariffs

LETTERS: Praise for union workers / Stop newsprint tariffs

A big shout out


So here goes my first letter to the editor in all of my 61 years, all of them a Meriden resident. I could write about national politics, or urge residents to get out and vote for no tax increase, asking our city councilors to not cut vital programs but instead stop wasting our money on things like the ridiculous boulevard down Pratt St. or the totally unnecessary change back to two-way traffic downtown.

But instead, I'd like to give a big shout out of appreciation to all those that have to work outside during this heat wave.  The firefighters who put on their fire gear and come out to save us, the police officers with their Kevlar vests and dark blue uniforms who work to protect us, the emergency medical workers, road crews, power company workers, and all others. These people work in any weather, in any conditions. So next time a certain columnist, who is frequently published in this newspaper, writes to complain about binding arbitration laws, or sick time, vacation time, or some supposedly great insurance benefits from his air-conditioned office, remember the sometimes dangerous work these people are willing to do to keep us safe and comfortable.  

Michael Fisette, Meriden

Stop newsprint tariff


When I went to my front door this morning, a very unusual thing occurred.  My Record-Journal was not sitting there waiting for me. That was quite a surprise even if it is a holiday, because my paper person never skips a day.  I immediately called the newspaper office, and lo and behold a car pulled up in about 15 minutes and handed me my newspaper. Wow, what other company offers that kind of service?

Please help to stop the tariffs on newsprint before we lose our newspapers. The amount of people who subscribe is dwindling, and this tax will only make it worse. If you call the Capitol at (202) 225-3121 and ask your congressperson to stop this tariff, perhaps we can do something about it. I certainly would miss my morning coffee while reading the Record-Journal.

P.S.: No, I am not on the R-J payroll.

Nancy Valla, Wallingford


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