LETTERS: Roseanne Barr / Illegal immigration 

LETTERS: Roseanne Barr / Illegal immigration 

The American way


Roseanne Barr is not the only person guilty of discriminating against minorities! She got what she deserved.

The border fiasco is bizarre, to say the least. I can’t help but think that if the people at the southern border were white would Trump and his group put them in cages, separate them from their families, children scared to death because their parents are hauled away, arrested, and treated like criminals?

I’m all for legal citizenship — my father and mother came from Italy through Ellis Island — Dad and Mom worked hard, became citizens. Dad worked for New Departure from 1928 to 1968. We were low middle class, but Dad was a great provider. Owned his own home and was proud of America. Mom learned to read and write in English on her own and spoke English and Italian.

By the way, Dad bought his first Record-Journal in 1922. For 70 years my family always got a Record-Journal every day. I’m continuing the legacy. 

All of the illegal immigrants should get a chance to become legal citizens. Wouldn’t Trump like being separated from his family and put in a cage? I doubt it! Do to others as you would do to yourself.

Serious offenders of the law should not enter this country. Only the good people of all races, creeds, religions should be allowed to stay. It’s what America stood for. Why change it!

Nicholas Piccolo, Southington

Citizens are paying


During a February visit to Washington, DC, Congressional offices along with other law enforcement officers, I asked Congressional members and staff why they support illegal immigrants over U.S. citizens.  We were told, “It’s complicated.”  We said it’s not complicated; this is a nation of laws, we don’t get to pick which laws we like or don’t.  Congress enacts laws – if they don’t like them, CHANGE THEM.  Congress’ inaction and failure to do its constitutional duties are political, period.  Basically, the heck with American citizens. 

Democrats, socialists and the media all state we must show compassion for illegal children and their families.  Border Patrol has encountered children that do not belong to the adults with whom they traveled.      

Where is the compassion for American children? Where is the compassion for American citizen families, the elderly, homeless veterans, and veterans’ families separated in America?

 We can’t solve other countries’ problems, they must solve their own.  If help is needed, if we can afford it, then offer aid.    

President Trump followed the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling in Flores v. Janet Reno and Flores v. Lynch, stating that all illegal children are to separately have representation, “Safe and secure placement in which the child can be released,” and “merits of his or her detention by independent immigration judge.”  U.S. citizens are paying for all of this.  

In the last eight months, more than 5,000 convicted criminals were arrested trying to sneak back into the U.S., including 505 members of the violent groups MS-13, 18th Street gang, and Mexican Mafia. Recently, six violent criminals were detained for deportation after crossing the border, including a convicted murderer, pedophile and convicted child molester.

Democrats want illegals to get back into power.  But I thought illegal immigrants did not vote in the last election!  

William Butka, Wallingford


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