LETTERS: Meriden’s budget referendum

LETTERS: Meriden’s budget referendum

Vote YES on Wednesday


Meriden Voters — Reminder to vote YES to REJECT the current budget increase on Wednesday, July 18th.  Polls will be located at Maloney High and Lincoln Middle. Check your precinct for your location. Absentee ballots are available at the City Clerk’s office. Now is the time for Meriden to unite and be heard!   

Ann Elionfante, Meriden

Send the budget back


If you are tired of high taxes, then make sure you vote on July 18, 2018. Vote “Yes” to send the budget back to the Council to redo it.

Edward Graham, Meriden

Vote ‘YES’ on July 18


As a resident of Meriden for the last 46 years, this is our opportunity to finally vote on something WORTH THE TIME TO VOTE ON besides regular elections.  

I urge all registered voters to PLEASE go and vote on July 18 at Lincoln or Maloney. Vote “YES” to reject the budget that is currently in place. We voters can’t vote on anything else in our city so this is our first opportunity to send a message to the council on how we feel about taxes increasing year after year. 

We are looking at a 4.66 percent tax increase and roughly 13 percent increase in car taxes. Thanks to Michael Carabetta and his team for working very hard to get this referendum on the table for us to vote on.

Next we need to re-open the City Charter and give us residents an opportunity to vote on where our tax dollars are being spent. The Charter needs to be updated to 2018 standards.

But first we need every registered citizen to go and vote on July 18 and vote “YES.”

Times are tough for everyone, especially us senior citizens on a fixed income. Every time we turn around the state or the city is taxing us more and more.

This is besides rising prices on utilities, food, medical and on and on. When does it stop? We need to take a stand and here is one way to do this, by voting on July 18 and voting “YES.”

So PLEASE, let your voice be heard. Check with the papers or call the city clerk’s office to see where you can vote, at either Lincoln or Maloney.

Absentee ballots are available at city clerk’s office if you will be out of town or for whatever reason. Remember, vote “YES” on July 18.   

Ray Bednarz, Meriden


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