LETTERS: President Trump / Mexican border / Meriden politics / Ned Lamont

LETTERS: President Trump / Mexican border / Meriden politics / Ned Lamont

There’s nothing new here


Come on, lighten up. There’s nothing new here on this kid thing at the borders. Photos of kids in cages (2014) show it was an Obama policy. But let’s blame the parents. They need their kids to scam their way to get here. Some cheat the system by falsely claiming to be the parents. Another popular ploy is to fraudulently claim refugee status when they are really economic migrants. They want to take this from our own poor or to get a welfare check.

And perhaps the most egregious is when they seek asylum when there is no religious or political persecution. Nor do they have a right to choose which country to apply. Let Mexico grant asylum and solve this problem. We should not be party to the deceit. 

Sadly, politics has made some of our own dishonorable on the matter. Peter Fonda, from out of nowhere to promote his latest movie, tweets vile perversions about Barron Trump. 

The kid thing at the border lacks sincerity. The state separates kids from their parents who go to jail after their criminal behavior. There is a social dimension when DCF takes children from otherwise dysfunctional and neglectful parents and places them in foster homes.

Even civilly when parents abandon kids or divorce, or when adults separate themselves from children by abortion for moral and economic reasons.  

The left doesn’t really care much about the separated kids. It’s just another narrative to discredit and shame conservatives and abolish ICE in order to get open borders, so that mass immigration can destroy our American culture and traditions. Their “caring and compassion” only distorts the message of the Good Book by masking their hatred.

John Montgomery, Meriden

We need a change!


I cannot believe the picture in the July 17 edition. We have a president who is a puppet! If it wasn’t for Putin, he would not be in office! He is treating the right people wrong and the wrong people right. We are getting set up for some serious trouble! What’s up with this tweeting, is he not smart enough to speak for himself? Fake news, witch hunt etc., all names for something he can’t explain himself! Russia is the 30th country in imports and exports! I cannot wait till 2020, we need a change! This isn’t a game show anymore. 

Jon Klihski, Meriden

It boils down to this


The Deceptor in Chief:

“No, I meant yes. No, yes, I meant no.  No, no, I meant yes. It’s a kind of double negative.”

The Associate Deceptor in Chief: “I think the President made himself perfectly clear.”

Robert Bellard, Wallingford

Will we never learn?


Why, after all the education and factual information, are rainforests still being cut down for farms, and palm oil? Trophy hunting continues, men continue to rape women, children are neglected and abused, animals are abused (dog fights, bull fights), elder abuse, immoral relationship behavior, and social caste systems and wars based on power and money; the list goes on. We haven't changed much since the Roman Empire. The headlines are the same. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Ellen Groves Paiva, Wallingford

Time to get over it


I read with great interest Chris Powell’s column regarding the problem that exists in New Haven and other cities in CT and across our nation that are controlled by Democrats. He is spot on with his assessment.

Just look at any city, large or mid- size, run by Democrats. They are usually rife with corruption, experiencing an above-average crime rate, and are seriously in debt or nearing bankruptcy.

This is all due to all their give-away mentality, free everything for everybody, and their liberal sanctuary-city policies with an above-average number of criminals and illegals in residence. This state could not have sunk lower than it has under the Malloy administration.

About time to get over it, folks. The right person is occupying the White House!

Tom Zagorski, Meriden

It needs to stop


I like the fire chief’s response to the city budget. How about cutting the pays and benefits to the department heads? Take a look at the school superintendent’s pay: outrageous. You people are living like kings and queens off the back of  average tax payer. How about all the pending lawsuits against the city? When is enough enough?

You people are spending money like a bunch of drunken sailors on a Saturday night. Start living the average life of taxpayers’ quality of life.

Fed up with the bureaucracy of most of Meriden government officials. It needs to stop or be investigated.

Mike Mason, Meriden

Ned Lamont for governor


This year, it is paramount that we elect a governor for Connecticut who will create access to quality healthcare for all residents, support educational programs, and ensure environmental protection for our state.

As a heart transplant recipient I did not need to search for quality insurance since I had it through work and my spouse had excellent insurance also. This is not so for many Connecticut residents. As the Trump Administration continues with its efforts to dismantle the Affordable Care Act (also called Obamacare) Ned Lamont is committed to resisting these attacks by making sure the Affordable Care Act provisions are protected here in Connecticut.  

As a teacher, I feel that Ned Lamont's plans for education in Connecticut are admirable. He will focus on all aspects of education from childhood through adult. He will work on improving child care, early education, K-12 education, vocational tech education, and affordable higher education. He wants middle and high schools to partner with companies that will help students train for jobs in the workforce.

As a member of the Audubon Society, I endorse the fact that Ned Lamont wants to increase support for conservation programs, increase the Energy Efficient Fund and Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative program. He wants to keep our state in the Climate Alliance, a group of U.S. states taking aggressive action in climate change thereby keeping terms of the Paris Climate Agreement.

Connecticut needs a governor who will represent and work for the people of the state by improving the healthcare system, supporting education and job training, and making sure that Connecticut has clean water, beautiful green areas, beaches, and breathable air.

Deborah Lepine, Westbrook


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