LETTERS: Putin and Trump / Union dues

LETTERS: Putin and Trump / Union dues

We still wonder


The meeting between Putin and Trump was done without any careful planning between Trump and the cabinet members. The two were alone, with the American people not knowing what our president said. What was even worse was that it happened not too long after Trump insulted our closest allies who have helped us all through the Cold War. 

I do realize that there have been many back then who have cried “wolf,” like Joe McCarthy, in order to cause fear among the population and we still won the Cold War.  Then we still wonder if the Soviet Union was such a threat in the first place. 

Yet Putin has made Russia dictatorial again and nobody should even work with him to influence our free election. I would not let him do that if he tried to help the Democrats.

Saying he tried to help Trump win is not crying “wolf.” For a president to trust an adversary like that and not our own loyal allies doesn’t make sense, especially for a president who pledged to make “America great again.”

James Buchanan, Wallingford.

Fairness and equality

As a former president of a large state employee teachers union, I take issue with Chris Powell's anti-union views about union agency fees.

These fees are very minimal  to allow union leaders to negotiate fair and equitable contracts for their members.

Don’t forget management negotiates a fair and equitable contract for our members also. Many times negotiations produce little or no salary increases for many years.

There is also a provision for those members who do not wish to contribute to get a portion of their union dues returned. Union members are also represented by their union officials when problems occur in the workplace, such as safety issues or unfair treatment. Unions are necessary so our members can speak with a unified voice when problems arise in the workplace. It is not always about money as some people may think but about fairness and equality for all. 

Ronald Tabellione, Meriden



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