LETTERS: Toll study / State government / President Trump  

LETTERS: Toll study / State government / President Trump  

Toll study is nonsense


Gov. Malloy wants to spend $10 million on a study for tolls. He considers it a drop in the bucket. It may be for him but not for us taxpayers. He messed up the state of Connecticut by taxing us and over spending like it was his money. If he wants a study on tolls, let him pay for it out of his pocket. Doesn’t he realize people are leaving Connecticut in droves? After he ruined the state financially, he’ll be moving on. He is a total hypocrite when it comes to us taxpayers. Every time I see him on TV I cringe. As I watch the news today and hearing about his next adventure with this toll study I get more furious. It’s not worth the money for this nonsense. I truly hope the bond commission doesn’t grant this.

Our schools need help, our homeless and our veterans could use some financial assistance as well. As long as we have financial needs for persons with disabilities, group homes, medical care, there should not be any irresponsible spending. Malloy wants to get his last hoorah in to stick it to us taxpayers!!

He did a great job ruining our state financially. I wonder what his next magical trick will be??

Debra Belancik, Meriden

Spending more, getting less


State government continues to struggle with trying to raise more from taxpayers to fund our crumbling infrastructure. Well, we all agree our state roads are pathetic — but is the solution throwing even more money at them? No, it’s not!

While our expenditures per mile are among the highest in the country, our roads are among the poorest. A recent report from the Reason Institute ranks Connecticut 46th out of 50 states in highway quality and expenditures. Our total expenditures are almost 3 times the national average at around $500K (vs. $175K average) per mile. Yet, our highways are among the worst in the country — Connecticut ranks well below average across the board.

So how do you spend the most and get less and less? Obvious answer: waste, inefficiency and probably some incompetence. This is the challenge we face, not where to get more money but how to get more from what we already have. If Connecticut performed like an “average” state, we could reduce our expenditure while improving the highways.

So here come the politicians for statewide office — telling us they have the solutions. Yet, I have not seen much emphasis on this massive waste of taxpayer money. This is unconscionable and we should be asking every state politician who knocks on our door, comes to the town hall or participates in the debate: “How are you going to fix this?” Fix this before asking for more — until then, not another penny!

I specifically challenge those who are running on business credentials. Professional politicians may not understand waste, but in the private sector, you face the need every day to root out inefficiencies — or you are out of business. So, gentlemen, convince us you know how to fix this and commit! 

Bud Sielaff, Wallingford

What is it with Trump?


What is it with Donald Trump? He can't seem to make up his mind as to what is the truth or “fake news.” Now he is complaining that his wife is watching CNN on Air Force One when he would like only to have Fox News on the telly.

He has made enemies of our friends and friends of our enemies. He has signed a huge tax-cut bill that has only increased the deficit and after doing so he stated to those that would benefit, “You just got richer!” How nice for them.

He says things and then says, “I didn't mean to say that.” What's next?

I didn't like him on “The Apprentice” where his main line was “You're fired.” Although he has used that a few times since he became President or Pharaoh.

I am worried that while he is more concerned with his own self-image, he should be more concerned with the image of this once-great nation. People from around the world made this country what it is today and preventing them from becoming Americans is not American at all. According to him if you are not Caucasian, then you have no business being here at all. He has not actually said it, but his actions leave no doubt.

Even his own political party is showing its doubts about him.

When election time comes, if you don't vote, then you have no right to complain when things don't improve.

Kevin Coane, Wallingford


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