LETTERS: David Lowell / City Budget / Cathy Abercrombie / Mary Abrams / Toll study  

LETTERS: David Lowell / City Budget / Cathy Abercrombie / Mary Abrams / Toll study  

Lowell didn’t vote


Thursday, 7-19 R-J front page headline: “City Voters Reject Budget.” Moving on to the next column, Majority Leader David Lowell, WHO DID NOT VOTE, etc.

Isn’t this a fine example to and for the voters and would-be voters in the city of Meriden when the majority leader of the City Council does not vote on something that concerns all people of Meriden? Whatever his pros and cons, when the budget was being made, the fact remains he did not express his constitutional right to vote!

What’s next on City Council leadership?

Barbara Jankowski, Meriden

Look at everything


One city official stated that it would be extremely difficult to reduce the budget that was rejected by city taxpayers. I find that hard to believe, every budget has “FAT.” It might be difficult, if only large-dollar line items were reviewed, however, if subline items, and subs of those subs were looked at, I am sure savings could be found. Everything should be reviewed and that includes, firework displays, parades, and other social events. There are a number of cities in Connecticut that have instituted a pay-to-participate system for high and middle sports and this area should be reviewed. According to the official Meriden website, there are 76 municipal building lots maintained by the park department. Can some of these lots be sold to private investors? If so, this would generate revenue and decrease the park dept. workload resulting in less manpower required. The city does not require these lots for more low-cost housing, perhaps, the city should follow a new path in the central downtown area and that is to erect a few higher-rent apartments in an effort to attract young professionals who work in New York City, but cannot afford to live there. I believe that many people would take the round-trip train if they could find a beautiful apartment at a reasonable rental fee. Finally, many seniors are on fixed income, live day to day, and cannot afford another tax increase but they do have one weapon, and that is to vote out of office all council members who do not vote in the best interest of city taxpayers but base their decisions on political correctness.

Ralph Esposito, Meriden

Birth to Three program


I write to thank Rep. Cathy Abercrombie for her advocacy on behalf of the Birth to Three program and its providers in Connecticut. Last November, payment and billing changes occurred that could have adversely impacted the availability of services to families with children ages 0 to 3 with developmental delays. Rep. Abercrombie fought tirelessly to assure that there was no interruption or reduction of services for young children and their families. With so many children receiving a diagnosis of autism and other children needing supports at very young ages, Rep. Abercrombie’s advocacy helps keep Connecticut’s children healthy and their families can get the help they need.

We thank her for her advocacy and support.

Barton Reeves, Hartford

Vote for Mary Abrams


August 14 is primary day. I am asking for your vote for Mary Daugherty Abrams! Mary is running for the 13th Senatorial seat (Dante’s former seat). Mary is a retired teacher and will bring much to the Senate. I really need all Democrats to come out and vote for Mary! Thanks.

Cathy Abercrombie, Meriden

The writer is the state representative for the 83rd District.>res 1<

Put city budget online


I would like to suggest to the council and the mayor that the budget be digitized (which it most likely is) and uploaded to the City of Meriden website.

 Since the public is being asked to make suggestions on where we would like the cuts to be made to the budget as it stands now, I believe a well-informed citizenry should have access to the line items in the entire budget.

I’m sure that this format already exists and can be broken into segments for the public to download in PDF files. I believe this would be a better way to approach the meeting that is upcoming in order to make suggestions. When the files are available (hopefully in a timely fashion many days before the public meeting) there should be an announcement placed in the paper by City Hall to inform all taxpayers concerned.

Christine Ivers, Meriden

Time for a change


A crystal ball has been dusted off at the Capitol and apparently Governor Malloy along with the bond commission have predicted that the new governor of Connecticut requires an additional toll study, believing the last four studies somehow are not sufficient. This new study comes with a borrowed 10 million dollar price tag which “we the people” have to repay.

Obviously the good ole crystal ball is spot-on as is our current governor’s and bond commission’s thought process, but what if the new governor has other ideas besides tolls or wishes for a different kind of study or believes the last four studies are sufficient? What then? What do our state representatives and senators think?

It does seem odd that this was proposed and passed while the people’s representatives were out of session, very odd indeed. It matters not if you support tolls or not, this decision should have been left for the incoming governor and our legislators, not the exiting Governor Malloy and the bond commission.

People of Connecticut, this is our own doing, this is our fault, the blame falls upon us. “WE THE PEOPLE” elected our current leader not once but twice. Regardless of what political party you belong or agree with we can agree this party isn’t working for us, the people of Connecticut. This election, I hope Connecticut voters will vote in favor of change not the same ole same ole.

Harold Douglas, New Britain


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