LETTERS: Bicycle safety in Meriden; learning from history

LETTERS: Bicycle safety in Meriden; learning from history

Safety first in Meriden


Riding a bicycle on the sidewalk should be prohibited in the City of Meriden business district (except for law enforcement and emergency personnel.) Riding a bicycle especially in front and back of The Meriden Senior Center is an accident and lawsuit waiting to happen. Senior Citizens are unable to respond quickly enough to avoid a serious injury.

Mike Lopos, Meriden

Study history


We study history to save us from repeating mistakes of the past. Adolf Hitler when becoming chancellor of Germany enacted that all firearms must be registered. Six months later all firearms had to be surrendered or owners would be arrested or worse.  Germans lost their freedom. 250 years ago the King of England declared all colonist must turn in their firearms. Bunker Hill, the start of the American Revolution, the start of the greatest country on earth. Japan did not attack the west coast of the United States knowing that doing so would add to a tremendous loss of troops during the Second World War. Japanese generals quoted “behind every blade of grass is a firearm.”  

There is a very big picture that most politicians are missing concerning firearms. The news tells of mass shooting, homicides and every other negative aspect of guns. Not once have I heard or read where a firearm was used to save a life. I guess it just doesn’t happen. Connecticut licensed gun owners on the most part carry their weapons concealed making it very difficult for the bad guy to know who is and who isn’t carrying. This in turn makes all people in public a lot safer. Someday, God forbid, it may well be one of us who comes to your rescue. Rid the honest gun owner of his weapon, only the bad guys will have them. Their job description wouldn’t allow them to do so.

Charles Chipokas, Wallingford.


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