LETTERS: Aug. 14 state primary races in Meriden, Wallingford and Southington

LETTERS: Aug. 14 state primary races in Meriden, Wallingford and Southington


Voting for Joe Markley


August 14 is primary day in Connecticut and there are plenty of "hot" races and good candidates for Republican voters. I endorse in the strongest terms possible my long-time friend Sen. Joe Markley, who is running for Lieutenant Governor.

Sen. Markley is one of the most thoughtful, articulate and decent persons I've known anywhere. He brings knowledge about issues and understanding of the legislative process that is far superior to other candidates on the ballot and unmatched in the legislature.

Sen. Joe Markley brings something else that is immensely important in these times of hyper-partisanship. Joe brings a calm demeanor and a reasoned voice to the Capitol. I've listened to Sen. Markley address the most bitter debates at the Capitol with a calm tone and thoughtful argument. In fact, I've seen Sen. Markley use a self-effacing sense of humor that brought smiles to the faces of his opponents and helped to break the tension in the room.

Joe Markley is a compassionate person. There is not even a hint of meanness in him.

Finally, although an unabashed conservative, Sen. Joe Markley is no strident partisan. He is the right combination of character traits to oversee debate in the state Senate in a non-partisan manner that will facilitate lively debate and respect at the same time.

These traits will be especially important to the next lieutenant governor, who will be the presiding officer in a divided state senate. There simply is not another candidate who can match Sen. Markley's skill, experience and personal demeanor. I urge all my fellow Republicans to vote for Joe Markley to be the Republican candidate for Lieutenant Governor on August 14.

State Sen. Len Suzio, 13th District

For Balter in the 34th


To the voters of the 34th district:

Primary Day, Tuesday August 14, is our chance to help break Hartford’s partisan gridlock. A vote for Joshua Balter in the Democratic primary is a strong first step. Balter will be the Senate candidate who will defeat Fasano, who has become the very picture of that gridlock.

Josh Balter is a true progressive voice for the 34th. His positions come from lifelong commitments to progressive causes and active service. As a Navy veteran he served as a combat medic and Navy chief. Starting while in the Navy, Balter completed college and earned a law degree. Josh specializes in family law. And when he was asked, he rushed to represent demonstrators arrested at an ICE protest. Josh’s law experience will allow him to understand the complexities of writing and interpreting legislation and its impact.

He is committed to sensible legislation to curb gun violence.  He waited over 12 hours to testify before the state House Committee hearing on banning bump stocks and ghost guns.

Josh believes in an American dream where government is part of the solution. He saw his own family rise when his mom was able to become a nurse (taxpayer) through educational aid programs. He looks forward to legislating programs where the state will work to create an educated workforce for Connecticut to move forward. He knows that a government that invests in education is a government that grows.

Fellow Democrats, please vote for Josh Balter on August 14 for the state Senate. He will win in August and November. The voters of the 34th will have solid representation again. Please visit facebook.com/balterfor senate/ for more information.

Tom Stone, East Haven


 Vote for Dagmara Scalise


I am urging all my friends and neighbors who are registered Democrats to vote for Dagmara Scalise for State Senator in the Aug 14 primary. Dagmara is a well-respected rising star in Southington and represents an influx of new voices and clear vision at a time when we need it most.

Dagmara came here from Poland as a child with her single mother, a proud union worker striving to create a better life for her family. Dagmara understands the importance of good jobs, good education and a healthy business climate. Imagine a politician with intelligence and common sense that can actually listen who brings that forgotten quality called compromise back to the capital. Dagmara is the candidate who will not be pegged as an “insider” and blamed for past unpopular policies. Let’s rally behind our future and vote Dagmara Scalise on Aug 14th!

Walter Grover, Marion

 A shout out


A shout out to the Wallingford Tax Collector’s office. Congratulations to Jo-Anne Rusczek and her staff for the excellent job they did during the Tax Season. I heard many comments about the cheerful and efficient service received by the taxpayers of Wallingford. I also experienced this personally. What a breath of fresh air. Thank you for making the process of paying taxes a pleasant experience and done efficiently, cheerfully and respectfully.

Joan Ives-Parisi, Wallingford

A big thank you


I want to thank the Walllingford Town Clerk’s office personnel and Town Clerk Barbara Thompson for the excellent service they give to the people of Wallingford. I do go around town and get complaints and compliments from many people who are or were constituents and consistently the Town Clerk and her office rank highly. A big thank you to all in that office and the Town Clerk for a high level of quality service and a job well done.

Bob Parisi, Wallingford

[Glenn Richter: ]

 Glassman in the 5th


The 5th Congressional District Democratic Primary offers one choice of a leader who knows the policies and programs that matter to poor, working and middle-class citizens — Mary Glassman.  When Mary talks about growing up in a working-class family just trying to make ends meet — that’s my Puerto Rican family’s story too. Unfortunately, we’ve lost the voice of regular folks. Washington is broken, toxic and so divided that we need a person who can unite — Mary Glassman can. Aren’t we all tired of our nation being divided and at odds?

I also want Mary’s local experience bringing people together to fight for meaningful solutions. I want Mary who’s been right here in our communities working in our region. Since when is it a bad thing to be homegrown?  Mary’s campaign is local, largely funded by those of us who live here in the 5th. Mary has a solid handle of the issues, can truly represent all people in our district and can forge alliances to help reach common ground and close the divide. Mary Glassman will unite and fight. Please vote for Glassman, Row A on August 14.

Marilynn Cruz-Aponte,  New Britain

 I support Mary Abrams


I am asking my fellow Democrats to support Mary Daugherty Abrams for State Senator in the upcoming Democrat Primary on August 14th. Mary Abrams grew up in Meriden, sent her children to Meriden schools and worked hard for families and children.

Mary worked 25 years as a Special Education teacher and public school administrator.  She fought to make sure families had the care they needed for their loved ones.  It wasn’t an easy job, she had to negotiate and advocate for necessary services and she listened and teamed with parents for dignified care.

We need Mary Daugherty Abrams in the State Senate to champion, to listen and to fight for fairness, dignity and respect for all of us.

Christopher G. Donovan, Meriden

 Vote Republican


I can't stress the importance of next Tuesday's governor primary election. Connecticut, just like Meriden, is in financial ruins due to Democrat tax and spend policies. Please vote Republican and stop Gov. Malloy's wasteful $10 million toll study. Thank you.

Brian Welskop, Meriden

A job well done


Thank Mary Ellen Kingsland-Eckels for an extraordinary evening of entertainment. The Cast and Crew of "Mary Poppins is to be applauded for their outstanding performances.   

Her leadership brought to the stage a cast of 100 members, ranging from age four to mature adults, into a cohesive group of actors, singers, and dancers that presented to the audience "A Most Delightful Show."   

The Town of Wallingford is lucky to have her at the helm of these gigantic productions every year. My Love and heartfelt congratulations to her and the members of her cast and crew. A job well done!  

Marianne Lacy, Wallingford


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