LETTERS: Conservative political cartoons / Meriden politics / State nonsense / Meriden street flooding

LETTERS: Conservative political cartoons / Meriden politics / State nonsense / Meriden street flooding

False equivalencies


I am writing in reference to your choices in your decisions to what political cartoons that you publish. I understand that you try to balance between liberal and conservative points of view. A political cartoon should be satirical, hopefully humorous (depending on the subject) and based in truth of the subject’s statements or actions. However, your choices on the conservative cartoonists have been sadly lacking in truth and full of false equivalencies.

 You regularly publish cartoons by Dana Summers that were not based in fact or make false equivalencies. This week two were published that fit that description. One published on 8/8/18 shows an Antifa supporter in a bathroom cabinet angrily yelling “Trump Supporter” at a couple brushing their teeth & shaving. This totally misrepresents what Antifa is. It is a small group of anti-fascists that conducts counter protests against white supremacists.  It does not specifically target Trump supporters.

The other is based in false equivalencies and was published on 8/11/18. It has an anti-Trump character angrily yelling “We won’t stand for disgusting derogatory language, insults or Hate!” In the next panel it has the same character dismissing language from media and entertainment people who are opposed to Trump’s constant use of disgusting derogatory language, insults or hateful statements every time he sends Twitter messages or speaks at rallies. This cartoon is also false based on the facts. Trump from the beginning has used this type of language. Also, he is the President so he should be above using that type of language. The opposing pundits have only recently started responding in kind. Also, they are pundits, so there is expectation that they may be a little off-color in their language. Some have apologized when they understood that the language was inappropriate. Trump in his entire life has never apologized for anything.

 William Miksitz, Meriden

Date to remember


July 18, 2018 a date to remember. Now we have a starting point to curb spending. Let’s get back to basic spending – example police fire and public works. Councilors use our rainy day fund because it’s pouring. No tax increasing this year. Look hard and cut frivolous spending. Stand up and help us taxpayers, because when we are gone who pays. 

Didn’t like: Meriden downtown: low rise Mills in 5 years. I don’t qualify because I saved for retirement. Taxes keep rising and taking my hard-earned pension to pay for affordable housing and bridges to nowhere. Traffic islands on Pratt St. How about repaving my street. 

Sad about Cafe Dolce. Maybe another parts store, bar, pizza joint or convenience store.

Because of free breakfast and lunch in school we are on a list, maybe 8th or 9th of the poorest cities in CT. Free summer lunch program – what happened to parents who have children and responsibility to feed and clothe them? 

Government enables the programs but no solutions – when was the last time Dick, Chris and Liz did something for Ct. Answer: Illegal immigrants get better attention than citizens.  Liked 25 July 25 July 18 RJ opinions

John Montgomery’s letter says it all. I concur.

Leo Baillargeon’s letter I concur

Just wondering: Why didn’t the Indian Tribes and the state put the casino on the rail line from New Haven to Springfield? Maybe where the energy plant was situated?

I am the NRA – stand for the flag and kneel for the cross.

SC Staszewski, Meriden

State nonsense


Malloy’s plan to spend $10,000 of our tax dollars to study if tolls are feasible is nonsense. Tolls would clog/congest an already busy traffic situation. Remember 1983.

Bridge work on the highways is much more important than setting up tolls. I’ve seen shirts back in the early 1980s –  welcome to Connecticut showing a drawing of a car falling off a collapsed bridge.

The state needs to save Bradley Memorial Hospital and its emergency room. I had an infected leg in May of this year. Thank god Bradley emergency room took care of it. I would have been dead! We need the facility badly. Bad enough they got rid of the wound care center — which save my life in 2013. I had an ulcer in my heel that developed gangrene.

Bigwigs in the state ask workers to sacrifice, make concessions, take pay cuts, to do without, but the big shots do not lead by example. They don’t give up a penny. Not only Malloy but Rowland ruined the state, laid off state workers. Blasted nurses strike and asked for give backs while his rich cronies made a fortune.

There is nothing wrong with CEOs and their rich and powerful companies paying a reasonable share of the state’s burden. Get rid of the state income tax system. Property taxes are ridiculous. Senior citizens like me are paying huge sums in property taxes even though we are living check to check. Preserve all state pension for the middle class.

Lastly, instead of demolishing why not preserve buildings that have post historical important, significance. 

Teacher layoffs across the state especially New Haven is wrong! wrong! wrong! What about equal pay for women! Livable wages for the poor and lower middle classes.

Republicans and Democrats across the state and in the White House need to bury the hatchet and work together. We voted for them to represent us, Govt. of the people, by the people, for the people. P.S.

Bring back the death penalty for the murder of innocent people.

Nick  Piccolo, Southington

Community pool


The Unofficial Meriden Community Pool is hopefully closed !

Kudos to those town employees, Mayor Kevin Scarpati, Rob Kosienski, Action 13 Mary Ellen Mordarski, Carman Trotta, et al; that have been working on the flooding problem on Alcove St.

  Since we purchased our house in December of 2016, we’ve had 4 -5 serious flooding issues.

After being told by a senior Public Works official that this is a problem that has been going on for 30 + years and nothing could be done, the gauntlet had been thrown.  With letters, pictures, appeals, etc., we were able to attract enough attention to get officials involved.

Mayor Scarpati even made a few visits to assess the situation.

  He’s the best.

  Town employees recently cleared all drains and manufactured a grate to block a stream that appears to be the source of the problem. While we can only hope that when the next deluge comes, the measures put in place are enough, I’m very disappointed that I never heard from my local council members. 

Oh well, you get what you vote for !

Dennis Tobin, Meriden


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