LETTERS: Rivard for school board; support the Endangered Species Act

LETTERS: Rivard for school board; support the Endangered Species Act

Rivard for school board


Bryan Rivard is an excellent candidate for Wallingford’s Board of Education as exemplified by his leadership roles in Parent Teacher Advisory Committee (PTAC), Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) at Cook Hill/Parker Farms, and with his twin daughters’ Girl Scout troop. On a personal level, I have known Bryan and his family for several years. He is a devoted father who models kindness, generosity, and a strong work ethic. Based on his character and level-headed thinking, Bryan would be a well-qualified member of Wallingford’s Board of Education. For more information on Bryan, please visit: http://bryan-rivard.squarespace.com/ 

Kathryn Davis, Wallingford

Protect our wildlife


I am writing in support of the Endangered Species Act, and in opposition to efforts by Congress to undermine this landmark wildlife conservation law. 

The Endangered Species Act is a safety net for fish, plants and wildlife on the brink of extinction. Since President Nixon signed the law in 1973, hundreds of species have been saved from disappearing forever, including the American bald eagle, the peregrine falcon and the American alligator, and many more are on their way to recovery. 

But now, some members of Congress are trying to weaken the Endangered Species Act to benefit developers and the oil and gas industry. 

Protecting endangered species is important to me. 

We have a responsibility to future generations to be good stewards and protect imperiled wildlife and the special places they call home. Our senators must oppose efforts to weaken the Endangered Species Act.

Laura Kucharczyk, Southington