LETTERS: Connecticut’s economy / Minimum wage / Sen. Suzio

LETTERS: Connecticut’s economy / Minimum wage / Sen. Suzio

Wake up


The economy is booming everywhere>italic< except >res<Connecticut. Why is this? Could it possibly have something to do with Connecticut’s >bold<>f 1001<$70 billion deficit? (Includes CT Pension obligations) In spite of taxpayers being saddled twice with the two largest tax increases in our state’s history, businesses are still closing their doors, pulling up stakes and leaving in droves. Our neighbors, seniors, and college students are packing up and moving to thriving, friendlier tax states. Where are our state representatives in this mess? Where is Joe Aresimowicz? Where is Cathy Abercrombie? In Hartford chumming around with our failed Governor Malloy, trying to calculate how to waste another $10 million on ramming toll booths down our throats!

Connecticut, wake up! Don’t we deserve better? Isn’t it time we have representatives that truly represent us? Let’s show the “Career Politicians” the door.

Remember this November 6 – Joe Needs to go! Tell him to take Cathy Abercrombie with him!

Vote Republican! Vote for Steve Baleshiski and Lou Arata. It is time we take back Connecticut!

Joan Veley, Berlin



Diane Pagano (“Against raising the minimum wage,” August 15) has certainly scored enough points for her GOP Voodoo Economics Merit Badge. In her long, fact-free piece she makes several totally unfounded allegations.

She seems to think the minimum wage proposals are a “ceiling.” She reaches conclusions about what constitutes a living wage based on thin air, including assumptions about how women live. She also claims also that a higher minimum wage hurts the people who need it most.

I hate to interrupt her lovely argument with some actual data, but I must. The Bureau of Labor statistics recently cited a study of the effects in states 2-4 years after they raised the minimum wage  The study concluded that: “...employment among young adults and young individuals with less than a completed high school education expanded modestly less quickly in states that enacted one-time or multi-phase statutory minimum wage increases than in states that enacted no minimum wage increases. Across the specifications we implement and the samples we analyze, many of our estimates are statistically indistinguishable from zero.”  Such jobs still increased, but by a nearly undetectable percentage.

Her argument about runaway sandwich prices is defeated by several counter examples. In Australia, for example, with a national $15 minimum wage, restaurant prices are a bit higher. This is offset by the lack of tipping or a need to do so. With workers able to live on their wages, tips are not necessary or expected.

I suggest that Ms. Pagano do some research before she pontificates again.Try working a minimum wage job for six months and then report back on whether that constitutes a living wage.

Martin E. Cobern, Cheshire



As I sat and read the paper Monday morning the mudslinging has started against Len Suzio. Len is the best senator we have. He listens to his constituents. He always gets back to us with a phone call and a letter to follow up. He holds coffee hours for his constituents  in different parts of the district to hear our concerns.

I don’t ever remember any senator doing this. He has proven himself over and over again. And yes he does reflect the values of this community.

He opposes taxes and tolls. He understands people on fixed income. The Democrats had their chance to change things and they blew it. We are taxed to death by Democrats. To add insult to injury we’ve lost residents and college grads because of our economy. Connecticut is in rough shape financially due to spend thrifts.

Benjamin L Belancik Sr., Meriden


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