LETTERS: The state of Meriden education; dumbfounded by more taxes

LETTERS: The state of Meriden education; dumbfounded by more taxes

Less ego, more education


I agree with the recent contributor that had the audacity to be skeptical when a member of Meriden's six-figure educational elite stated that Meriden schools are in a good place. Really? "Amazing" also seems to be the word that BOE employees are instructed to parrot when given the chance. The singular amazing thing about Meriden schools is that on a yearly basis they are given about $125,000,000 for predictably dismal results. I empathize with the local families forced into a system that works for the administrators, teachers, and support staff, but not for the students. This tail-wagging-the-dog situation should be an outrage to all, yet I hear very little criticism. Do the stake holders not care, are they cowed into silence? 

Some solutions. 1.) A state takeover. The superintendent’s job is likely an impossible one; he should end the charade and get Meriden out of the education business. Self-serving boosterism just doesn't cut it. The state of Connecticut is far better equipped to serve local students. 2.) Begin a system where the per-pupil expenditure follows the student wherever he/she wants to go. AKA choice. Over time this system would benefit students to an even greater extent as more and more money can be allocated to them as there is commensurately less need to spend on local staff and facilities. 3.) Laser-like focus on the skills Meriden students will need in the real world. Get rid of the ego-driven titles, the liaisons, and the assistants to the assistants. The Meriden BOE cannot be everything to everyone. Limit the scope and demand actual results. 

Meriden needs to get past the denial. Nibbling around the edges is not the answer, dramatic change is needed and it needs to start yesterday. 

Leo Baillargeon, Meriden

New grocery tax


As I was watching the news tonight, I was dumbfounded by yet more taxes. Taxing some grocery items is ridiculous. What this state needs is some common sense. My house taxes go up, my car taxes go up and nothing is going down!!  Businesses are leaving in droves and so are people. I can’t blame them. To put in bluntly, Connecticut is not an affordable state and not a place you want to raise your families. Our educated folks are leaving for other states that are more affordable and offer a brighter future.

Debra Belancik, Meriden


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