LETTERS: State budget / Columbus Day controversy

LETTERS: State budget / Columbus Day controversy

Close the loophole


If the lawmakers in Hartford want to fix the current budget disaster, there is an easy fix that can bring in an extra $535 million per year. All they have to do is close the Carried Interest loophole. This loophole, exploited by hedge fund and private equity billionaires, allows them to call fees charged for investing other peoples money “carried interest.” The result is a tax rate lower than teachers or truck drivers. So will the lawmakers of both parties do the right thing and close this loophole, or will they protect the billionaires that fund their campaigns and put the burden on the rest of us that already pay our fair share?

Christian Lucht, West Hartford

Why we celebrate


In regards to Christopher Columbus Day, Columbus sailed across the ocean in hopes of finding a new trade route for Spain. In doing so he discovered a New World. He made it known to Spain, and by doing so made it possible for our ancestors to settle here and for us to ultimately live here. That’s why we celebrate Columbus Day.

Carole Williams, Meriden

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