LETTERS: Honor veterans / Craig Fishbein / Daylight Savings Time

LETTERS: Honor veterans / Craig Fishbein / Daylight Savings Time

Honor our veterans


Saturday, November 11th, 2017, was Veterans Day. To me, Veterans Day is every day. We need to honor our veterans and also our troops. They fight for our freedoms we enjoy. They deserve better from all of us. I’m a proud sister of a Vietnam War veteran and also a proud daughter of a World War II veteran. When you go to sleep at night, think of all of them past and present. The veterans homes and hospitals can always use some help and volunteers. When the national anthem plays, stand up proudly, when the Pledge of Allegiance is said, please stand and put your hand over your heart. Be proud to be an American and live in the United States of America.

Debra Belancik, Meriden

Vote of confidence


I am humbled and grateful for the Southington community's support and confidence in my ability to serve on the Town Council. I commit to leading with integrity, as I represent your voice and work collaboratively with the other members of the Council towards making Southington the best town we can imagine. Together, I believe we can achieve progress in our community that will make us all proud.

Chris Poulos, Southington

Heartfelt thanks


I am very appreciative to the voters of Wallingford for their approval of my serving on the Town Council for another term. From the very beginning I told everyone that I am different; that I am not a politician (although I must admit that Webster's Dictionary could be used to rebut that assertion); that I would be guided by a quest for smaller government, lower taxes, and less interference in the day-to-day affairs of our law-abiding citizens. I believe that I have remained true to those fundamental principles, even against the strong winds of adversity from the inside of party politics, as well as from its outside.

Admittedly, the journey has not always been easy. Many times, such principles force travel along less popular routes. But most often that journey culminates with great reward — such as here where voters have once again recognized my efforts with overwhelming approval at the ballot box.

It has been a pleasure to serve on the Wallingford Town Council, and I look forward to this next term. While I will surely miss Councilor Sullivan’s thought-provoking comments and humor, I truly welcome Mrs. Morgenstein, and look forward to her own contributions as a newly elected official.

I especially want to thank you, and your Editorial Board, for your kind endorsement of my campaign. Your recognition of my efforts to foster open and transparent government is quite humbling. As I said at the recent Candidate’s Forum, in my opinion, “Democracy flourishes in the face of bright light.” It is surely my intention to continue my attempts at shining a brighter light upon the use of our tax dollars and the functioning of our local government — ultimately for the benefit of our democracy, and in support of the above stated fundamental principles.

Craig C. Fishbein, Wallingford

Vehicle idling


Wallingford is committed to deceasing vehicle idling and the problems it causes both the environment and the health of people in our town. The Wallingford Health Department, the Public School System and the Conservation Commission are trying to increase awareness of vehicle idling. Reducing emissions from idling motor vehicle engines is one of the most important air-quality issues in Connecticut today.

“No Idling” for more than 3 minutes is the law! Idling vehicles spew air toxins, chemicals, gases and particulate matter into the air, contributing to haze, acid rain and global climate change.

Every gallon of gas burned produces more than 20 pounds of toxic emissions. Breathing in exhaust can aggravate asthma, allergies, and cardiovascular disease. Emissions are still present and harmful, even when you can't see the exhaust. Sitting in an idling car causes you to breathe in the dirty exhaust that enters the car. For each hour spent idling a typical car wastes 1/5 of a gallon of gasoline. Idling for just a few minutes each day can cost you several dollars per week.

Two minutes of idling uses the same amount of gas as 1 mile of driving. 10 seconds of idling uses more fuel than turning off the engine and restarting it.

Frequent restarting causes only about $10 worth of wear-and-tear per year; idling leaves fuel residues that damage engine components and cause higher maintenance costs over time. What can you do?

You can spread the word to family, friends, and neighbors. Drive your car to warm it. Modern engines do not need more than a few seconds of idling time before they can be driven safely. It is actually detrimental to your engine to leave it running while not in motion. Do not use remote starters! Shut your car off while waiting in drive-throughs.

Mary Heffernon, Wallingford

The writer chairs the Wallingford Conservation Commission.

It’s about time


To change the clocks or not to change the clocks? That is the question. With all the horror that is going on in this country, this might seem trivial. But, I have spoken to some people who think as I do, that changing the clocks twice a year is not necessary and a waste of time, as it were.

It started back in WWI when Germany was short on fuel and it was thought that doing this would help save energy for their war effort.

Then it was thought that changing the clocks would help the farmers. I don’t think the farmers cared one way or the other as when the cows needed milking, the farmers didn’t tell the cows it wasn’t time yet. They went by sunrise and sunset period regardless of what their watches said.

Perhaps we can fix this once and for all by adding a YES or NO to the next election ballot. YES keep things as they are. NO do not change the clocks.

I don’t think this has to go through Congress. At least I hope not, as that will take more time than we have left on this world!

A majority vote should be all that is needed. YES or NO. Let the people decide.

Massachusetts is talking about not changing their clocks. Think about people that live in Connecticut and work in Mass. And visa versa. What fun that will be!

Kevin Coane, Wallingford

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