LETTERS: President Trump / Wallingford Vets day ceremony

LETTERS: President Trump / Wallingford Vets day ceremony

A few questions


Here are a few questions to President Donald Trump supporters and G. Openthusiasts. Since Trump is in power, are the low unemployment rates now correct and not fake anymore? How is that possible: Are these 94 million unemployed: Are these now real numbers of people who are out of the workforce and not unemployed anymore because they are retired, students, mothers taking care of kids and babies? There was another pick on President Barack Obama that instead of playing golf (which he only did several times per year), he should do his job. Since Trump is now playing golf every week, does that mean he is not doing his job? I can’t agree more. You also complain about Obama’s security cost of some $100 million in his eight years in the office. What are you doing now with these projected $100 million in Trump’s first year; not only for him but his huge family traveling around the world, also on Trump business? Are you crying out loud standing at the corner? When Hillary Clinton admitted that she would consider military force in Syria, Trump claimed that would become World War III. Is Trump now preparing us for this horrible scenario? We better watch out. And where is the much better, much cheaper health insurance for every citizen; gone with the wind? I have to say it. You got what you deserve, but you either take the action to correct this mess, with the first chance in the midterm elections, or continue living in denial and in your dream world about Trump as a great President.

Edward DeRosa, Meriden

Heartwarming ceremony


Over 300 veterans, families and Wallingford patriots turned out Saturday at Dag Hammarskjold School to pay tribute to our veterans. Refreshments were served by Legion Post 73 and Dag parents. Color guards from Legion Post 73 and 187, the Elks, Knights of Columbus, Boy Scouts and Wallingford Police and Fire Departments proudly presented our American flag. Lisa Zolkiewicz-Ives beautifully performed several patriotic songs accompanied by the Dag band and fourth grader, Mae McDonnell. Lieutenant Colonel Rosemary DeAngelis described her 20 plus years of military service and reviewed the contributions women in the military have made all the way back to World War II. Veterans present ranged from a 26 year old Marine in dress uniform to proud World War II Veterans, Ken Duncan, Oyarma Tate, and Sal Morganti. Numerous Gulf War, Viet Nam and Korean War vets were also present with families. George Messier and Mayor Dickinson presented service banners to families of those now on active military duty. The Rev. Ray Cooley served as Chaplain for the ceremony which concluded with David Gade of the Wallingford Fire Department performing “Amazing Grace” on the bagpipes. Boy Scouts and Cardinal baseball players passed out 300 American flags before they ran out. The flags were waving high as each branch of the service was recognized. Credit should go to Dag school administration and the Veterans Memorial Committee for their efforts, and Ed and Chris Zolkiewicz for the sound system. I was extremely proud to be part of this event and proud of all the participants and residents for supporting this heartwarming ceremony.

My sincere thanks to everyone involved.

David Gessert, master of ceremonies, Wallingford

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