LETTERS: Help the immigrants

LETTERS: Help the immigrants

Help the immigrants



All immigrants who have not committed crimes here or anywhere else should be allowed to stay and get their green card. My ancestors came through Ellis Island from Italy in 1911. My dad became a citizen in 1921. My mom came here in 1948 and became a citizen a few years later. Mr. Trump has been president for eight months now and he has had a very disastrous, tumultuous and sad year, so far. Why do I get the feeling that if the Southern border of our country had citizens in Mexico and Southern America that instead of being of Latin ancestry and were of British and Irish extraction, would he still be so eager to build the border wall? And why is it so wrong for every American in this land to have affordable or universal healthcare, tax breaks for the middle class instead of the wealthy and equality for citizens who haven’t been committed of serious crimes? Backing out of the Global Climate union of nations is not good. Why does climate change have to be political? The GOP are not scientists. Last month an editorial letter by a Meriden resident stated the poor made bad choices. That’s why they’re poor. That’s a very cruel ideology, a GOP ex-chairman in Southington told me this also in 1991. A president needs to help all 300 million Americans not only the wealthy. Why make the rich richer? Help the poor and middle class. If a president chooses to only help the privileged or select few that leader is no better than the animals in George Orwell’s “Animal Farm.” Take a lesson from the leader of the North Korean region, he has weapons of mass destruction aimed at the entire world. This leader is not a friend of the people. Mr. Trump should learn from this. Our world still has time to be saved. Remember this. Help the immigrants and our citizens.


Nick Piccolo, Southington

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