LETTERS: Wallingford Town Council / Meriden police collect for the needy

LETTERS: Wallingford Town Council / Meriden police collect for the needy

Thanks, voters



I want to thank the voters for giving me the opportunity to serve the residents of  Wallingford for another term on their town council. I'm further grateful for the re-election of the Republican team.

It has been a privilege to chair the town council over the last two terms. I have worked to ensure that every voice is heard and the town’s business is conducted efficiently and effectively the second and fourth Tuesday of each month. I have also worked diligently to respond to every citizen’s request for information and assistance.

I am proud of our town and the way it is managed. Thanks to our conservative fiscal approach, we have not yet needed emergency meetings or to contemplate off-cycle tax increases like other communities did in light of the alarming state budget situation. Instead, our debates focus on the future; on options for economic development, recreational facilities or open space. We have that luxury because of how well our town has been run. The voters seem to agree, given that the mayor and eight of nine councilors were re-elected.  We must be doing more than something right.Once, again, thank you!

Vincent Cervoni, Wallingford

Years of service


John Sullivan, thank you for your years of service to the Community of Wallingford as a dedicated and open-minded town councilor. It is truly unfortunate that a person of your caliber cannot be recognized, or judged on the merits of what he has accomplished, but by whether or not he is affiliated with a particular political party. I simply cannot understand how someone lacking experience, but affiliated with a political party can replace a seasoned veteran councilor with a proven record of accomplishment. It appears that a person's record isn't as important to the people of Wallingford, but only how many Dems or Reps win election to office. Isn't it more important to vote for the individual who best represents the interests of the people first, and not those of the party?

Hopefully, you will simply not fade away from the political scene, but take a  deep breath, and return stronger than ever, and make your presence known once more. This Community desperately NEEDS visionary leadership and direction for the foreseeable future. Once gain, thank you John Sullivan for your sincere commitment to what you believe to be in “the best interests of the people" of Wallingford.”

Thomas J. Gersz Sr., Wallingford

Stuff a cruiser


The Meriden Police Department sponsored Stuff a Cruiser night, an evening in which Meriden  police officers  parked  their cruisers  outside supermarkets and  accepted donations of food from the shoppers. The food collected was donated to the Meriden Soup Kitchen  on Thursday, November 16th.  The volunteers at the Meriden Soup Kitchen would like to say “thank you” to the Meriden Police Department for the wonderful job of supplying our kitchen with 10 Cruisers filled with food for our Meriden area residents.  The Meriden Soup Kitchen serves between 125 and 200 nutritious meals a day.

Jackie Zdeb, Meriden

The writer is a Meriden Soup Kitchen volunteer.

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