LETTERS: Carol Burnett / Medicare cuts / Vehicle regulations / Meriden politics

LETTERS: Carol Burnett / Medicare cuts / Vehicle regulations / Meriden politics

Good, clean fun


I watched the Carol Burnett50th Anniversary special on Sunday night. How refreshing to laugh out loud to entertainment that was not "dirty," had no four-letter words, did not lampoon any politicians or anyone else for that matter, and was not politically incorrect. It offended NO ONE … it was just funny … most of today's "comedians" should take a lesson from that cast.

Karen Grana,  Wallingford

Facing a disaster


It seems our government feel that the elderly and disabled are invisible. The cuts made to the Medicare savings program that so many people depend on mean a financial disaster for many. This was done all in the name of an overwhelming state debt. However, monies were found to fund renovation of the XL Center and some shoreline parks. All the while the invisible folks who depend on the Medicare savings program will have to sacrifice some necessity to meet their monthly health and household needs. This is a travesty and not one many were prepared for. I personally received a letter from DSS notifying me that my Medicare savings coverage is likely ending.

I am to be sent a new notice by December 15th which will tell me if coverage ends or changes. I wonder if all the young, healthy people on Medicaid, food stamps and reduced rents have been notified of their benefits being stopped or cut? Legislators have sent me emails saying they have received more email letters and phone calls on this issue and had no idea the impact it had on this population. Don't you think they would have looked into the impact these cuts would make before signing on?

I thought they were holding a special session to find some monies for this program but recent emails from legislators indicate we should look to CHOICES in Elder Services for assistance. I am angry that we are being dismissed by this government. Maybe it is time to clean out Hartford and CT's politics.

Joanne Ouellette, Meriden

Top-heavy 4x4s


There are many illegal  4X4 wheel drive vehicles which do not comply with Connecticut Motor Vehicle Regulations. I refer to Section 14-137-25(b) which regulates the maximum height adjustment limitation a vehicle may be raised. No vehicle shall be operated when the sprung portion of body of the vehicle is raised more than a maximum of 4 inches over the unladed or unloaded height as established by the vehicle manufacturer.

The reason for the statute is the geometry of the vehicle is changed and the center of balance change makes the vehicle unstable when taking turns at higher speeds. In other words, the vehicle is top heavy and unstable such as during rain or snow or other such conditions. Imagine being in the path when such a vehicle rolls over. The other problem is that it affects the height of the headlights which is also regulated by state law.

Now the vehicle driving behind you or driving toward you has headlights that are located higher than 54 inches from the ground to the center of the lamp and shine directly into the drivers' eyes causing a distraction and a possible crash. Finally, without a proper roll cage, the possibility of a fatality is almost certain in a roll-over situation.

John J. Anzidei, Wallingford

Meriden, wake up!


Given City Manager Scaife's experience and that he alone survived a highly competitive process to attain his position, he should be allowed to choose his legal counsel. Mayor Scarpati may boast of having a high school diploma and might even possess some degree of common sense, but he really should defer to G. Scaife in this matter. By way of review, a few years ago Meriden Democrats brought forth and lost a legal matter involving M. Quinn and who has the right to appoint corporation counsel. This matter cost Meriden taxpayers a six-figure amount when the outcome was never in doubt. Out of an abundance of spite and partisanship, not to mention disdain for Meriden taxpayers, upon Scarpati's ascension to mayor M. Quinn was given his old position.

That is quintessentially Meriden. I would say that Meriden had better wake up before it is too late but I am quite certain that train has left the station long ago. Finally, if K. Scarpati is really unaffiliated that is fine, but the face of Meriden gives every indication that he holds Meriden voters in contempt and assumes that we are all imbeciles as his actions indicate that he is nothing more than a lackey for Meriden's dominant political party.

Leo Baillargeon, Meriden

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