LETTERS: Meriden City Council should not have fired city manager / Helping children from Puerto Rico

LETTERS: Meriden City Council should not have fired city manager / Helping children from Puerto Rico

Unprofessional, surreal


Inmates running the asylum, a minority of team members going around the coach, and a small clique overpowering management. Monday’s City Council meeting was all of that and more. It was the most unprofessional event I ever witnessed in this city. Having the City Manager have to hand over his keys in public and on TV to the mayor was surreal.  Would not a corrective action plan with all parties involved have been in order with a re-evaluation period? Shame on the Council members who voted in favor. What was the rush to judgment and is there a hidden agenda? How can you go from good to bad in less than seven weeks, and also receiving praise and a raise!

Good luck to Mr. Scaife in securing a future job opportunity, I feel bad he had to move here and now has to relocate (why stay in a town with a culture like this?).  

As to a future hire, who will apply for Meriden city manager job after seeing this fiasco? I expect candidates will be few and far between.

By the way, the huge dark cloud you are seeing over the new Meriden Green is not going to go away for a long, long time.

Dan Daly, Meriden

What about fairness?


Has the same deadly virus that's infected Capitol Hill also infected Meriden Town Hall's cohort of councilors?  Have they handed City Manager Scaife an early back-handed Christmas gift and now kicking him to the curb? I thought he was doing a good job. What did he do that was so egregious? What about fairness and decency and working well with others despite differences?

Do we have another adult day care in that building on East Main Street? Do we have enough funds in the budget to hire a few nannies?  Lots of questions, to be sure. 

Paul Scollan, Meriden

A slap in the face


I borrow the title of John Kennedy Toole's 1980 cult classic — A Confederacy of Dunces — to appropriately describe the Democratic majority on Meriden's City Council. Their recent clandestine decision to terminate City Manager Guy Scaife was a slap in the face to our mayor, Kevin Scarpati, the minority party council members, and most importantly to the citizens of Meriden. Mr. Scaife was hired to bring a professional, business-type approach to our outdated, backwater, incompetent system of municipal government. This is exactly what Mr. Scaife was instituting. He put in place a formal, written performance-based evaluation system for department heads and supervisors. This immediately paid dividends with the retirement or resignation of a handful of longtime municipal employees who apparently didn't like the concept of accountability. Mr. Scaife had a very successful and extensive professional background in both the corporate and municipal worlds before coming to the now-tarnished Silver City. One of Mr. Scaife's priorities was a strong emphasis on outstanding customer service, and I can personally attest that he held city employees to that high standard. Unfortunately, this rattled quite a few feathers in City Hall, along with the union-pleasing Democrat City Council members. Cutting and pruning deadwood from municipal government carries a hefty price, and Mr. Scaife has paid dearly for it. Please remember this, come the next municipal election. As for the title of the book, A Confederacy of Dunces, it refers to an essay by Johnathan Swift, “Thoughts on Various Subjects, Moral and Diverting." In the essay, Swift explains, "When a true genius appears in the world, you may know him by this sign, that the dunces are all in a confederacy against him."

Tom Pannone, Meriden

People who care


We are truly fortunate to be a part of a giving community. I saw that generosity firsthand during our Nov. 18 Hurricane Relief Donation Drive to help children who have relocated to Meriden from Puerto Rico. Several businesses offered their locations to drop off supplies. Ninth Grade Team Achieve along with their teachers from Maloney High School took time out of their Saturday to volunteer. Numerous Meriden churches, the Record-Journal and radio host Dan Lovallo of the Talk of Connecticut helped to spread the word about this successful event.  People donated a full truckload and two carloads of winter clothes, household items, school supplies, and even money.  Casa Boricua will distribute the donations to families in need. I am very proud – and thankful -- to represent a community with so many people who care about their neighbors.

 Len Suzio, Meriden

The writer represents the 13th District in the state Senate.

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