LETTERS: Wallingford linear trail holiday celebration / Highway safety

LETTERS: Wallingford linear trail holiday celebration / Highway safety


Sunday, November 26 the Pavillion at Community Lake Park looked like a tornado had  deposited mass chaos:  boxes, bags, crates, garland lights and bows everywhere!  By 1:00 p.m. the Quinninpiac River Linear Trail Committee  had decorated  tables, hung garland and bows, holiday lights were twinkling! There were pots of steaming coffee and  hot cocoa.  All whipped up for  the Holiday Celebration on the Linear Trail  by our finely tuned machine,  QRLTAC volunteers! Thanks to Elaine and John Doherty, Sally Tremaine, ArleenDiFrancesco, Paul Taylor, Fred Nellums, Walter and Maria Berge, Francesca Livia,  Dorothy Cashman and Paul Thomas. Thanks to local merchants, we had lavish platters of luscious sweets!Two gleaming horse-drawn carriages were ready for the jolly ride around Community Lake. The gathering crowd  was assisted  by our Victorian-clad coachman, Jonathan Judd. Barb McCoy created the coolest scavenger hunt. Barb managed to keep the troll under the bridge; probably offered him a donut! JoellenNellums checked to make sure he was behaving. Johnny G and I made sure our beloved  Santa (aka Tim Gallogly) arrived safely. Wallingford PD Sgt. Forcier directed overflow traffic to the parking lot. Signs donated by Dan Sullivan made entrance easy to spot!  Mary Heffernon rounded up  the Wallingford Community Chorus for a Holiday sing-along around the fire while kids decorated ornaments with treasures found on the scavenger hunt! A huge round of applause for continued dedicated assistance: Lt. Anthony DeMaio, Wallingford PD; John Gawlak, Park and Rec; Steve Palermo and Henry McCully, Public Works; Scott Hanley, WlfdGov TV. Don’t miss it 2018!

Cathy Granucci, Wallingford


Let season be  happy


People are unfathomable! I am going to the airport to pick up my nephew and there is an accident on 84. The car ahead of me is stopped gawking at the accident.

There is no reason for him/her to be stopped. I need them to move so I can get on the 91 entrance to Bradley. I honk, nothing, nada, zilch. They are mesmerized by the ONLY accident that ever happened in Connecticut. Luckily I was able to get around them and onto the entrance and made my pickup on time. Now why am I complaining?  Here is why, most people are doing 75 mph or more on the highway because they are in a HURRY! They pass lights and stop signs in town because they are in a HURRY! They go thru school zones at 50 mph because they are in a HURRY!

But if someone is changing a tire on the highway, they all but stop because it is the most fascinating thing they have ever SEEN! People are strange to the extreme!

In closing, I would like to say Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah to all! PLEASE drive sober, Please drive safe. And if you see a person changing a tire or an accident, drive safely past it, don't gawk.

Also, if a cop has someone pulled over, do not stare at them, it causes you to steer into them! No cop should have to die because of your attention. Let the season be happy for all!

Roy Blazejowski, Meriden



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