LETTERS: Hartford Civic Center / Columbus Day 

LETTERS: Hartford Civic Center / Columbus Day 

Good money after bad


Editor: Most of us understand that a state which cannot meet its obligations ought not to borrow hundreds of millions more to renovate a failed and decrepit downtown arena.

Unfortunately, a few of the folks who still don’t get it are on the state Bond Commission, and (at the governor’s behest) will vote today to borrow another $40 million to begin the XL face-lift.

They can say that’s all they’ve committed us to, but having put in $40 million to start the job they will soon be back for the rest, claiming it doesn’t make sense to stop part-way.

That’s called good money after bad, and it applies to every dollar we have spent on the Hartford civic center — which started life (old-timers may recall) as much a retail mall as an event facility.

They built the mall into the arena because they knew that otherwise the facility would constitute a dead zone right in the heart of Hartford: four city blocks where nothing happens all day long, every day.

That’s what it has become, and the sooner we admit it, stop wasting money on it and let someone find a use for the land that puts it back on the tax rolls, the better off we will be.

We can’t stop the $40 million dollars from being bonded for the civic center, but maybe we could make sure it’s put to a good use — razing the blighted building and hauling off the rubble.

Then what?  Cleaning it up and making it surface parking would do more in the short time to help area businesses than the multi-hundred-million-dollar renovation now planned.  Then perhaps investors can start rebuilding the sort of low-rise mixed commercial/residential space that was there before that neighborhood was destroyed.

State Sen. Joe Markley, Southington

The writer represents the 16th Senate District.

Cast the first stone


Finally we are getting a break from it. We got through Columbus Day protests. Perhaps the next Democrat Left “symbol of hate” project will be Thanksgiving, reflecting how the White Puritans repressed the natives.

They have already replaced the Nativity Memorial with the Christmas tree and Happy Holidays. The recent Columbus Day protest was their devious way to disgrace Italian catholics and the Knights of Columbus and to substitute the holiday with an Indigenous Peoples Day.

They weren’t native nor were they saints. In fact, I am writing this on Thursday, Oct. 19, the church’s feast day honoring St. Isaac Jogues and the American Martyrs, killed by the Iroquois in upper New York State.

Actually, I think the Left and Democrats really like these monuments they protest. They want these statues of Columbus, Lee, Teddy Roosevelt. Even the Confederate flag. They need them as their perpetual symbols of hate to be defaced and used to disgrace the opposition, the Right, Republicans, conservatives and evangelicals.

And it becomes an opportune time to shame our Founders as white supremacists, to tear up the Constitution and to deny us our rights and freedoms.

So let the Women for Prayers, ex-mayors and their kind get their own monuments such as Hollywood Harvey, Dollar Bill Clinton or Planned Parenthood abortionists and stop preaching to us with their moral platitudes. Whoever is without sin cast the first stone and leave us alone.

John Montgomery, Meriden

You may be next


News flash. Columbus did not run a slave plantation in Georgia in the 1800s. The pointless program to denude him succeeded.


It also succeeded to remind that this populist icon gave lineage support for those alien immigrants seeking legitimacy and acceptance into an often unwelcome culture.


With traditional values, they and and their descendents continued to bountify this new country. OK Chris. You did a real good job. How about them nasty Pilgrims?


Colonial wives bore and raised children, provided meals and a hospitable clean home, make and mend clothing, farm the land, pray, survive bitter weather and Indian raids.

They were devoid of 20th century “Rights.” Seem like we need another protest.

Perhaps throwing mud on the Replica of Plymouth Rock on Thanksgiving. Stop, it’s only a bad joke.

Jack Herrle, Meriden

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