POLITICAL LETTERS: Meriden, Wallingford and Southington candidates 

POLITICAL LETTERS: Meriden, Wallingford and Southington candidates 

Taxpayer’s friend


City Councilor Dan Brunet is a true friend of the taxpayer; he has been consistently arguing against high water and sewer bills and truly attempting to lower taxes for the past 8 years. Dan is clearly needed to be re-elected for the betterment of Meriden, so I encourage everyone to vote for Dan Brunet.

Mark Manter, Meriden

Row A in Southington


I’ve been privileged to serve Southington for the last 17 years on various commissions and have been fortunate to work with an excellent group of people. This year’s new candidates for Council, Carolyn Futtner, Kelly Morrissey and Chris Poulos, are some of the finest candidates I’ve seen. Each of them approach the issues with an open mind, do their research, ask the hard questions and keep the whole community in mind. United with Chris Palmieri, Dawn Miceli and John Barry, Southington could not be in better hands as it tackles the challenges ahead. Please vote Row A this November

James Sinclair, Southington

Time we move forward


I am very excited about the Democratic slate we will be electing this November 7th.  We have the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable and concerned candidates that are “chomping at the bit” to get started. In the past 8 years the Republicans have increased spending 21percent or $25 million, which has increased our mill rate by 31percent. Our bonding has gone from 61.5 million dollars to 117.6 million dollars or an additional 56.1 million dollars placed on the shoulders of the taxpayers of Southington. It is time we move forward with new ideas of running government more effectively.

Robert M. Berkmoes, Southington

For charter changes


A bunch of people want to see Wallingford’s Charter revision fail. They didn’t form a political action committee, so you can’t know who they are or who’s funding them. They’re staying in the shadows. I suppose that’s because they know their reasons for opposing the revisions have absolutely no substance or validity. In contrast, the “Vote Yes” group did form a PAC; they’re open and transparent. The proposed Charter revisions are reasonable and appropriate. They’re not controversial or harmful in any way. The existing structure of town government isn’t changed at all. Please vote “Yes” on Wallingford’s Charter revision.

William E. Butka, Wallingford

For continued progress


I urge Meriden citizens to vote for the Democratic ticket for mayor and City Council.  The Democratic party is responsive to the needs of average citizens, not the 1 percent.  They work to improve the city and unite us, rather than being divisive.  For continued progress in Meriden, vote Democrat.

Niki Donovan, Meriden

A prosperous future


I wholeheartedly support the Democratic team for Meriden on November 7th. Bruce Fontanella, David Lowell, Miguel Castro, Larue Graham, Mike  Reynolds, Darius Riddle. Board of Education incumbents Marisol Estrada, Donald Green and Steve O'Donnell, and Kevin Scarpati for Mayor. Incumbents with newcomers will increase the passion to keep moving Meriden forward. They are dedicated, with a community vision that will bring a prosperous future to our city. They have the drive and leadership to bring us there. They are committed to make a difference. Please join me in supporting and voting for Row A.

Hilda Santiago, Meriden

The writer is state representative for the 84th District.

Vote for Broekstra


I wonder how many people know that Area 2 Council candidate Josh Broekstra was once a member of Meriden’s Democratic Town Committee? He was appointed by then-Chairman Frank Cirillo to infuse new blood into the city’s aging political leadership. Josh was the first casualty when Millie Torres replaced Cirillo and re-made the MDTC. He briefly went with We the People, but found a home with the Republican Town Committee. My point is that Josh isn’t a political upstart. He goes way back with respectable city officials on both sides of the aisle. Meriden is lucky to have him.

David White, Meriden

Scarpati for mayor


It has been an honor to serve our city since 2009.  As mayor, we have worked to restore civility in City Hall by leading a bipartisan effort, putting people over politics. Working together has allowed us to accomplish countless initiatives, including: downtown revitalization, East Main Street business growth, two new high school renovations, and redevelopment of 1 King Place (former hospital), to name a few. We have many more plans to implement and complete to assure success for Meriden and our residents. I ask for your vote on November 7th to allow us to continue the progress we have made.

Kevin Scarpati, Meriden

Time for a change


A good role model is someone who does the job for which he/she was elected. Trump spends more time at his golf course than doing the job for which he was elected. Many Republicans and We the People members here in Meriden support that behavior. Vote Riddle, Area 4. It’s time for a change.

Earl Williams, Meriden

Energy and expertise


I’m writing to express my support for Kelly Morrissey for Town Council, Jen Micacci for Board of Education, and Dagmara Scalise for Board of Finance. Each of these smart, driven women brings a wealth of professional experience to these roles. They also bring fresh perspectives and new ideas, from which I believe our town would greatly benefit, and they support transparency, equity, and responsible spending. I encourage others to support these new candidates and the energy and expertise they bring to the table.

Julie Barnofski Portfolio,

Progress for Meriden


As a young unaffiliated voter I am happy to see our mayor leading Meriden to a brighter future.  Kevin Scarpati cares about Meriden and will always do what is right to improve the city. It is important to have someone so passionate and positive be our voice. I feel confident that Meriden will progress and be greater than it once was. Keep Meriden pointing towards progress and vote for Kevin Scarpati November 7th!

Shelby Verrone-Webb, Meriden

Row A for Meriden


As someone born and raised in Meriden I have witnessed firsthand the growth in our city. For me, one of the most important qualities of a great city is its public education. I am very proud that my daughter has the privilege to attend a newly renovated state-of-the-art high school with quality teachers and administrators. When speaking with David Lowell and Larue Graham their vision for the future is positive and their new ideas for development continues to be innovative. Join me November 7th and vote for David Lowell, Laure Graham and the Democratic Party row A.

Dana Moyer, Meriden

Man of integrity


Having a family-owned business in the City of Meriden for the last 54 years, I am optimistic about the growth and economic development of Meriden. Throughout the years, I have seen opportunities for both new and existing businesses through the tireless efforts of City staff and elected officials, both past and present.  In particular David Lowell, chairman of Economic Developmen,t has been an advocate for positive change and business growth in our city.  I can tell you, David is a man of integrity and will always make sure your voice matters. Please join me in supporting David Lowell on November 7th.

Donna Hunter, Meriden

Progress for Meriden


As someone who grew up in Meriden and graduated from Platt High School, at this point in my life I feel as I am a bit of an outsider looking in on this election.  I have never been prouder of my hometown than I am today. This is not only due to the fact that my brother, Kevin, is the mayor, but primarily because of all the progress that's been made over the past handful of years. There is no doubt still work to be done, but in my mind there is no one better to lead that than my brother, Kevin Scarpati.

Vincent Scarpati, New York, NY

Come out and vote


Last week’s Democratic party fundraiser at the Augustus Cultural Center was an informative and enlightening experience. The speakers delivered powerful messages regarding the issues of our city and stressed with true conviction, the importance of getting out to vote. Having worked the polls for several years, it is very sad to see many citizens simply choosing not to exercise their rights locally. Many complain about the candidate selections, but this election, we have familiar faces who are focused on real change for our community. Hope to see you at the polls on November 7th and make sure you vote Democrat!

Linda McFadden, Meriden

Energetic mayor


Kevin is passionate, energetic and enthusiastic when it comes to the future of Meriden. He does not play party politics. Kevin does what he believes is right for our city and works with both parties to move us forward. I have seen him be a leader since he was first elected to office on the Board of Education, then the City Council and especially now as our mayor. He is an inspiration to many and I am proud to call him my son. Please join me in supporting and voting for Kevin on Tuesday, November 7th.

Sal Scarpati, Meriden

We need Lowell


Beyond a doubt, David Lowell is the most qualified candidate to re-elect as our city councilor at large. David listens, is a hard worker, is dedicated, he works collaboratively with others and advocates for all the residents of Meriden. David exemplifies calmness and is a tireless professional with those qualities he helps to create a balance and can navigate through issues assisting others to work in a collaborative manner. With the many projects underway, this election is key to shaping our city for the future. We need David and David needs your vote.

Denise Lowell, Meriden

Long-term vision


I have lived in Southington for 15 years, originally from Bristol. I often stayed away from politics but recently came to the conclusion that things need to change and doing the same things over and over again and expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity and the insanity must stop! Therefore, I am voting for Jack Perry and “people before politics”. It’s time that people start looking long term and doing right for the people of Southington instead of aligning to party lines or their own self-interest. If you are looking a candidate with long-term vision, leadership and transparency, then Jack Perry is your candidate this November 7th!

Eric Drury, Southington

Voting for Hlavac


On Election Day I will be voting for Karen Hlavac for Board of Education. She is a valued team member with the board because of several years of experience. Her interests include curriculum and children with special needs (one of Karen's children has special needs.) All three of her children went through the Wallingford school system. I find her dedicated and she rarely misses a meeting. Vote Karen Hlavac and the entire Republican team.

Raymond J. Rys, Walllingford

Supporting Raccio


I support Tammy Raccio for the Wallingford Board of Education. The addition of Tammy to the BOE would be a wonderful opportunity to have an intelligent, articulate, qualified, and above all an advocate for the parents and children of Wallingford.  I have known Tammy all of my life and she is one of the most organized and competent people I know. Her tireless work as chairwoman of the PTAC speaks for itself.  Tammy is the consummate professional, just what Wallingford needs as an addition to the BOE.  Vote for Tammy on Election Day. Your children will thank you!

Christi R. Papa, Wallingford

Moise for Finance


During the past two years, I had the honor of working with my fellow Board of Finance members ensuring Southington remains financially healthy. This was done through a bi-partisan effort with each member coming together for the betterment of Southington. Southington faces difficult financial times in the next two years. I believe the Finance Board will be poised to get Southington through this. I have and will always be transparent and open with my decisions, ensuring all Southington residents are heard. On Tuesday, November 7th I am asking for your vote. To have a voice vote for John Moise 10A.

John Moise, Southington

A raise for Scaife


A raise for Meriden's city manager. He already gets $20,000 more than the previous city manager. In these economic times and families struggling, raises should not be given out to those getting six figures salaries. But then again, Meriden Democrats don't care about the taxpayers anyway.

Brian Welskopp, Meriden

Character, integrity


I support Chris Poulos for Town Council in Southington. He has a strong background in community and national service. His experience in the Peace Corps included rebuilding a church after a hurricane and establishing a library for village children. As Connecticut Teacher of the Year he became involved with state and national organizations and foundations which promote quality education. He has become a strong leader and a careful listener who treats others with respect and dignity. In the current political climate of disrespect and anger we need someone of his character and integrity to represent us.

Dottie Drechsler, Southington

Voting for Masse


I am voting for the mayoral candidate with the most public experience, and that is Irene Masse. She served on the Meriden Board of Education (two years); as our City Clerk (24 years); on Meriden’s Tax Review Board; as president of the New England Municipal Clerk’s Institute and Academy (three years). She was named Connecticut Town Clerk of the Year and was also a recipient of the Meriden Hall of Fame Award. She has practical public experience, and has had an excellent reputation for serving the public during her term of office as Meriden’s City Clerk. Vote for Irene Masse.

Roger L. Kemp, Meriden

Turning city around


Around Connecticut the old factory towns have struggled for a very long time. So many people lost hope. But here in Meriden, we are turning our city around – brick by brick, street by street, classroom by classroom, and business by business. Our resurgence is the envy of other municipalities. I am grateful to our local Democratic officials like Larue Graham for having the wisdom and boldness to lead the way. On Election Day, we can keep Meriden moving ahead by voting for the Democratic ticket.

Carrie A. Milslagle, Meriden

Supporting Fontanella


I have known Bruce Fontanella for over 40 years, personally and professionally. Bruce is a Meridenite through and through and will work hard for Meriden and the people of Meriden. Bruce always finishes whatever he starts. That’s why I will vote for Bruce Fontanella and hope you will too.

Judith B. D’Amico, Meriden

Will work for Meriden


When voting in November please consider Atty. Bruce Fontanella for City Council. Bruce has worked on the Meriden School Building Committee. I have known Bruce for many years and would highly recommend him to represent and work for the citizens of Meriden.

Jean Regnier, Meriden

No more taxes


Supporters of the city’s Democrat party like to talk about vision for city and the negative attitude on the part of the Republicans. Here is another viewpoint. All residents want to live in a city that is livable and vibrant. What the Democrats don’t understand is that many residents are already stretched as far as they can go financially. More taxes for development and beautification means less money for life’s essentials. Look around. How many of your friends and relatives have left the city and the state because of high taxes? Remember this when you vote on Nov. 7.

Mike Juhase, Meriden

The best team


The best leadership for Meriden is the ticket of Masse for Mayor; Brunet, Rich, Santos, Broekstra, and Bryan for City Council; and Pronovost and Pandiani for Board of Education. I have had the opportunity to see how well they all work together on the Meriden Town Committee, demonstrating how well they will work in office as a team for the people of Meriden. This is the team I trust to cast sensible and responsible votes on important issues affecting our community. A vote for this team is a vote for the right path to economic revitalization in Meriden.

E. Barbour, Meriden

Integrity and respect


I support Bruce Fontanella who is running as an at-large councilor candidate in the upcoming Tuesday, Nov. 7, election. Bruce has always had the best interest of Meriden and its citizen. Whether making an impact of his high school students when he was a teacher, to assisting families and seniors in his elder care practice, to serving on the Board of Ed and numerous nonprofit boards, Bruce has always done so with a high degree of integrity and respect. A vote for Bruce Fontanella to serve on the City Council will assure that sound and wise decisions will be made on our behalf.

Judy Mik, Meriden

Character and heart


You must know by now that Bruce Fontanella is running for City Councilor at large. I have known Bruce for well over 50 years and can certainly attest to his good character and heart. These characteristics are more important to me as opposed to voting strictly Republican or Democrat. While serving on the Board of Education and Building Committees he was always well informed and prepared, respectful, but not afraid to speak his mind. He is a gentleman with those valued traits needed to serve Meriden. Please join me on Tuesday, Nov. 7, in supporting Bruce.

George Zigmunds, Meriden

Zaya Oshana listens


It is with great pride and enthusiasm that we endorse Zaya Oshana for the Southington Board of Education. As a retired Southington educator and a school nurse, as well as grandparents of six Southington students, we are keenly aware of the need to balance providing a quality education for our children while being aware of the impact of tax increases on town residents. Zaya Oshana has shown in the past that he is aware of the needs of our students, and our town. He works constantly to promote high standards in our school system. Zaya listens and follows through.

Dan and Carol Welch, Southington

Voting for Masse


I have known Irene Masse for many years. Irene is very competent and a hard working individual. She will do a great job as Mayor of the City of Meriden. I am voting for Irene Masse. I urge you to vote for her also. You won’t be sorry.

Michael Spellacy, Jr., Meriden

Trash tweeting


I was dismayed to read of the 6th-grade bully antics that recently appeared on Twitter – a degrading, faceless, easy way to say bad things about someone without actually having facts, or having that person in front of you to respond. I refer to the verbal attack on Miguel Castro by Steven Iovanna. This type of antics, mirroring the tweets out of Washington, is garbage. Trash talking is not an acceptable behavior at any age or profession. It reeks of desperation. Adults are supposed to set the example of the right way to talk and interact with others. Think before you tweet!

Maggie Bender, Meriden

Professionalism, experience


I ask you to support my husband, Michael Votto, for re-election to the Wallingford Board of Education on Tuesday, November 7th. Mike is the longest-serving member of the Board and has the best interests of all of Wallingford’s children and their families. In spite of his chronic illness he sits on many board committees, negotiated teacher and administrator contracts, and has interviewed all present administrators, including those in Central Office. Mike is an advocate for children with special needs and will fight tirelessly for them. A vote for Votto is a vote for professionalism and experience.

Ann Votto, Wallingford

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