LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

LETTERS: Political endorsements from our readers

Voting for Mike Rohde


I am voting for Mike Rohde Councilman at Large. Mike is a visionary who  served with distinction as our mayor at the beginning of our “rebirth” as a city. A vote for Mike is a vote for progress and good government. Support the Democratic Team and vote for Mike Rohde on November 5th.

Brian G. O’Neil, Meriden

Let the voters decide


Vote Dan Zaborowski ! I have known Dan as a classmate as well as a friend for more than 50 years. He attends council meetings as well as being on committees for the betterment of Meriden.  Dan brings some of my questions to the attention of the council and gets the public’s input. Dan will be an excellent choice for the council running at large. He has a vast knowledge as he speaks. He will seek out and serve, we need Dan, he will bring to the city and all of its taxpayers transparency and accountability in referendums, which are what we need, so please let the voters decide.

Peter Mangiaracina , Meriden

Make your vote count


Don’t waste your vote! Even if you like Bob Williams, win or lose, he will still be on council. Williams currently represents Area 4 with two more years on his present four-year term. Now he is running for an at-large seat. He will still have the same single vote on council, but his small We The People party will be able to pick whomever they want to replace him. That is an undemocratic travesty. Two other at-large candidates have proven themselves more worthy with far better attendance records. Make your vote count with Mike Cardona and Mike Rohde.

Sydney Howard, Meriden

Vote for Mayor Dickinson


What I like about Mayor Dickinson is his clear-eyed judgment. His decisions, aided by the Town Council, are beneficial to Wallingford’s future. Open-space purchases have guaranteed that Wallingford has lots of natural beauty for generations to come. Financial policies have put our town in an enviable position — literally. He has a strong belief that government’s role is to provide quality, reliable, and affordable services and that government should not try to be or do everything for everybody.

Please vote for Mayor Dickinson and Town Councilors Cervoni, Laffin, Tatta, Marrone, Shortell and Fishbein on November 5.




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