POLITICAL LETTERS: Meriden, Wallingford candidates

POLITICAL LETTERS: Meriden, Wallingford candidates

Re-elect Scarpati



I stand with Kevin Scarpati to continue to strive as the mayor of my town. I am a single mother of two young children who are in the public school system. I’ve been keeping an eye on everything Mayor Scarpati is doing to ensure that my children’s education is a great one. He has promised all of us that his work “is far from over” and that is why he is getting my vote. I hope to encourage all parents to join me in re-electing Kevin Scarpati on Nov. 7.

Sara Maietta, Meriden

Keep moving ahead



Voters have a clear choice in this year’s election. Vote for visible, positive progress or for empty promises and meaningless rhetoric. The Democrats have taken the lead on bringing Meriden back with thoughtful initiatives, careful planning, and resounding implementation. They have a vision for this city that is exciting and offers a hopeful future. Vote for the doers, not the complainers. Vote for Mayor Scarpati and the entire Democratic team on November 7. Keep Meriden moving ahead.

Michael S. Rohde, Meriden

Moving city forward


A Record-Journal editorial observed, “Downtown has come alive, and residents are excited about it, and proud of it.” I thank Mayor Scarpati and the Democratic councilors for this accomplishment. Meriden folks reminisce about the old glory days when downtown streets were bustling with people strolling and shopping. We can’t turn back the clock but we can move forward. It takes patient, painstaking work — cleaning up brownfields, upgrading infrastructure, luring developers, securing financing. It won’t all happen overnight. But improvement won’t happen at all if we just wallow in despair, as the political detractors prefer. The Democrats deserve our votes.

Giuseppe Maggio, Meriden 



If their hypocrisy on taxes wasn’t bad enough, Wallingford Democrats now blame the mayor for low attendance at the Community Pool. Really? Maybe, just maybe, families simply have more important priorities and just don’t have the time. What’s next? Blaming the mayor because not enough people are riding the train or going to the movies?

Jim Kozma, Meriden

Students will soar!


As an aerospace engineer, for Connecticut’s largest employer, Bryan Rivard has an excellent understanding of the education that needs to be provided to our students. As a Dad of twin 2nd-grade daughters, the leader of their school advisory council, and providing career shadowing experiences to our high school students, Bryan already has an excellent understanding of our students and schools.

Would you please visit Bryan’s website: Bryan-Rivard.squarespace.com.

I am confident that you will learn, as I have, that Bryan would be an outstanding member of our Board of Education. Our students will soar with Bryan Rivard!  Please support him!

Jay Cei, Wallingford

Positive achievements


The previous two senatorial election cycles, Republicans nominated Linda McMahon, whose media empire made fun of mentally disabled people and used sexual assault as entertainment. This past presidential cycle, Republicans nominated someone who made fun of the physically disabled and has bragged about sexual assault.

Right here in Meriden two of Trump’s strongest supporters are running for the Meriden City Council at-large positions.  What does this say about their judgment and values?  

Make a better choice — vote Democratic for David Lowell and Bruce Fontanella for at-large councilors. They have a proven record of positive achievements for our community.

Peter N Hargett, Meriden

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