POLITICAL LETTERS: Meriden and Wallingford candidates

POLITICAL LETTERS: Meriden and Wallingford candidates

Moving city forward



A Record-Journal editorial observed, “Downtown has come alive, and residents are excited about it, and proud of it.” I thank Mayor Scarpati and the Democratic councilors for this accomplishment. Meriden folks reminisce about the old glory days when downtown streets were bustling with people strolling and shopping. We can’t turn back the clock but we can move forward. It takes patient, painstaking work — cleaning up brownfields, upgrading infrastructure, luring developers, securing financing. It won’t all happen overnight. But improvement won’t happen at all if we just wallow in despair, as the political detractors prefer. The Democrats deserve our votes.

Giuseppe Maggio, Meriden





Town needs Dickinson


Another important election is at hand. Once again, Bill Dickinson is the best man to be Wallingford’s Mayor. He has warned for years of the impact of the state’s worsening financial woes. He has been proven correct. In a state drowning in a sea of red ink, Wallingford is an island of fiscal stability. We need Mayor Dickinson’s continuing, wise and sensible leadership. On November 7th, please vote to re-elect Mayor Bill Dickinson; Republican councilors Cervoni, Laffin, Shortell, Marrone, LeTourneau and Fishbein; unaffiliated Councilor John Sullivan; and Democratic councilors Testa and Zandri. And please vote “yes” on Charter Revision.

Patricia J. Kohl, Wallingford



Positive attitude


Meriden is building a solid foundation for the city’s future. New high schools an award-winning urban park and train station, a solution to historic downtown flooding, significant increases in private investment and recognized improvements to the city’s financial condition have been largely funded by successfully competing for state, federal, and private funds leveraged with careful investment of a smaller amount of local tax dollars. Democratic leadership has fostered these improvements. Please join me in voting for our Democratic candidates whose healthy, positive attitude about our community will sustain the current growth and insure a vibrant city future.

George McGoldrick, Meriden

In our best interests


If the Meriden taxpayer is concerned about paying high property taxes, now is the time to elect all candidates from We the People party and Republican party. We have to elect conservative council members who will vote to protect the gains we taxpayers have made in a lifetime, and we certainly don’t need any new Democrat social service programs. Enough is enough, I firmly believe every citizen is entitled to a maximum return for every dollar they spend. And I urge you to vote for the candidates from the above parties: they represent the best interests of the taxpayers of Meriden.

Walter A. Shamock, Meriden

Charter changes


I strongly urge voters in Wallingford to vote “Yes” for the Charter Revision question. As a member of the Charter Revision Commission, I can state that we carefully considered the issues that the Town Council and the citizens asked us to consider. After more than a year of meetings, where every revision request was given its due, we presented our recommendations. The recommendations do not drastically alter the basic structure of the government. Rather, some revisions were grammatical, others clarified existing text, and a few revised administrative policies. We chose to tread lightly on the governing document of a well-run town.

Tom Corrigan, Wallingford

The Democrats’ ticket


I support the Democrats’ ticket this year. Kevin Scarpati as mayor is energetic and a solid performer in the office. In my Dist. 3, I’ll support Mike Reynolds as city councilor. He’s served on the school board and is a hard worker. I’ll vote for David Lowell and Bruce Fontanella as at-large councilors because of their experience in local government, law and management. Steven O’Donnell, a chiropractor, is a solid choice for the Board of Education. Don Green, an assistant attorney general, will work hard on the board, as will Marisol Estrada, Children First leader.

Steve Volpini, Meriden

The future of Meriden


I respectfully encourage Meriden voters to re-elect Councilman At-Large David Lowell. David has collaborated tirelessly with others to move projects forward, and few are more passionate about the safety and prosperity of Meriden and its residents. Finishing projects like the high school renovations early and under budget are a clear win for everyone in this city. We need a City Council that doesn’t just identify problems, but works together and with our residents to come up with solutions. With Kevin Scarpati at the helm and people like David Lowell on board, I believe in the future of Meriden.

Alyssa Lowell, Meriden

‘Yes’ on the Charter


As a member of the Wallingford Charter Revision Commissioner, I was privileged to work with my fellow commissioners on this important document. We benefited from excellent advice from Corporation Counsel Janis Small and Commissioner Jonathan Chappell. Their expertise about what to keep and what could be deleted or changed greatly enhanced our decision-making. We removed outdated, unnecessary language; made it gender-neutral; eliminated inconsistencies; and, by taking appointments of three employees out of the hands of part-time bodies, improved personnel practices. Together – without politics or partisanship – we created a Charter that will serve Wallingford well. Please vote “yes” November 7th.

James J. Pyskaty, Wallingford

Excited about Meriden


I’ve always been proud of my hometown; even more so these past few years as the Council has implemented strategic revitalization of our downtown, high schools, and more. Born and raised in Meriden, I went away for college and chose to come back to purchase my first home because I am very excited about the direction our city is moving in.

Affordable housing near the rail line and beautiful new Green will attract many to downtown Meriden, including recent graduates and young professionals like me. Please consider joining me in voting David Lowell and the Democratic ticket in the upcoming election.

Danielle Rodino, Meriden

This is hypocrisy


In Lenny Rich’s letter detailing his qualifications, he stated that taxes were too high and the Democrats were spending them on the wrong things. He pointed out that the decision to require the contractors bidding on the high school projects pay their workers the prevailing wage rates costs more.

The prevailing wage means that the workers are paid a fair wage for their work. Lenny omitted the fact that to provide lower bids the contractors would have employed many undocumented immigrants. The hypocrisy is that the Republicans would be the first to complain that illegals were taking jobs from Americans.

William Miksitz, Meriden

Voting for change


M. Rohde’s recent contribution, like all of his entries, can be summed up in 4 words: democrats/good republicans/bad. How mindlessly simplistic. If anyone happens to be grounded in reality they are branded as naysayers. This naysayer is appalled at Meriden’s trajectory over the last 3 decades and the common denominator is one-party rule.

Republicans may do no better but can they possibly turn in a worse performance? Ignorance is bliss may work for an entrenched and entitled politico but it is not a strategy to move Meriden forward. Meridenites risk nothing by voting for change.

Leo Baillargeon, Meriden

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