POLITICAL LETTERS: Meriden and Southington candidates 

POLITICAL LETTERS: Meriden and Southington candidates 

Vote for Riddle



I was born and raised in Meriden and am invested in this city. We need to ensure that we have people in local office who dedicate their time to helping Meriden succeed. The reality is that Bob Williams has overstayed his welcome as Councilor for Area 4. We need a Councilor who makes Meriden their priority, and Darius Riddle is exactly the person we need. In these times, we cannot settle for a Councilor who barely shows up to the table when Meriden needs it most. We deserve better. Vote for Riddle and Row A on Nov. 7th.

Joy Battista, Meriden

Vision, not complaints


Republicans talk about what is wrong with Meriden and complain about municipal spending without articulating a vision of what our community would be like without that spending. Which roads would they not pave? Which sidewalks would they not replace? Which parks would they not maintain? Which firehouse or school would they close? Democrats have displayed a vision of a better community with renovating our schools and preparing downtown for new development. Ask each candidate for their vision of a better Meriden, don’t settle for complaints.

Rowena McGoldrick, Meriden

Worthy to continue


Dear fellow Citizens: I am endorsing David Lowell, Miguel Castro & Larue Graham for City Council. All three of these men bring years of volunteer service and commitment to our community. They all choose to continue to live, work & volunteer here to make Meriden great. In my humble opinion these 3 men are great choices to continue to serve our city. They will continue to bring positive and effective leadership to the Council. They will work together to strengthen the city’s needs, concerns and growth. Their positive thoughts & ideas get positive results. Please support them.

Keith Gordon, South Meriden

A great choice


On November 7th please join me and vote for David Lowell for City Council at-large seat. David is well versed in public safety, business operations and finance. I have worked with David for years on the Emergency Service Spirit of Giving committee, he is tireless and committed to doing the best things for the city of Meriden. He will support the things that will continue to make Meriden the best mid-size city in the state: Public safety, education, economic development and quality of life Issue. Vote Row A: Keep Meriden strong.

Ruth Gordon, South Meriden

Fighting for us


“Don’t Let Democrats Bankrupt Southington.” What a foolish sign as our Republican-controlled Town Council raised the mill rate by 31 percent since 2009 with a lack of transparency and disrespect to the residents. You know the problem is real when well-respected Republican politicians like Cheryl Lounsbury and Eddie Pocock aren’t running for re-lection after decades of service. They are tired of it and so am I. I ask that all voters research the six Democrats running for Town Council. Three are new faces with great credentials and ideas while the other three have been fighting for us all along.

Walter Grover, Marion

Anger without answers


Average Americans have a right to be angry and so do the people of Meriden. Our standard of living has stagnated for two generations. Factories with good-paying jobs closed down.

Shamefully, Republican and We the People candidates try to win votes by stoking that anger. But anger without answers is not enough to win my vote. The Democrats in Meriden have proven their commitment to struggling families. They are bringing Meriden back – not by blaming others and dividing us – but by taking real action to rebuild our city. That is why I’m voting for the Democratic ticket.

Luke J. Ford, South Meriden

Building consensus


Republican letter-writers distort the truth, trying to paint Meriden Democrats as big spenders. City budgets have been so conservative that they have received tri-partisan support – the Republican and We the People council members joined with their Democratic colleagues in voting for the municipal budget in each of the last four years! Despite the rancor in Washington and Hartford, in Meriden the Democratic majority has committed to working collaboratively and building consensus. The Democrats labor tirelessly to protect local taxpayers and to deliver city services as efficiently as possible. Their diligence has earned our support in this election.

Tony Washington, Meriden

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