POLITICAL LETTERS: Meriden candidates; Wallingford charter revision 

POLITICAL LETTERS: Meriden candidates; Wallingford charter revision 

A better future



Meriden cannot afford city council members who keep their heads buried in the sand. For years, Republican and We the People councilors have wallowed in negativism, rather than help move our city forward.

Meanwhile, Democratic officials have been engaged in the substance of governing: planning the renewal of downtown, improving the quality of life in our neighborhoods, assuring educational excellence for our children, and promoting economic development across the city.

Making a better future takes real work. Only one party has demonstrated that it is up to the task; that is why the Democrats have my vote.

Cinnamin Jo Kirychuk, Meriden

Positive changes


I respectfully ask Wallingford voters to vote YES on Charter Revision. In a “tri-partisan” group made up of Republican, Democrat, and unaffiliated commissioners, the Commission voted on 114 motions and 107 were unanimous votes. In other words, the 11-member commission, made up of town residents, was in total agreement on 94% of the proposed changes. This revision process was, by no means, a political process. With such a diverse group of commissioners, this rate of agreement on the proposed changes sends a strong message to the voters that the changes, if adopted, will be positive for our town.

Christina Tatta, Wallingford

Editor’s note: The writer served as vice chair of the Charter Revision Commission.

Moving Meriden forward


I have the privilege of serving with Miguel Castro, Larue Graham and David Lowell on the City Council.

These three amazing individuals give public service the good name that we all want it to have.

I have watched Mayor Kevin Scarpati provide steadfast leadership, restoring decorum to Council proceedings. I have gotten to know three candidates who I hope will join us on Council: Bruce Fontanella, Mike Reynolds and Darius Riddle.

They will fight for the best interests of Meriden residents as we continue to move our city forward.

I urge your vote for this exceptional Democratic ticket.

Michael Cardona, Meriden


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