POLITICAL LETTERS: Meriden, Wallingford and Cheshire candidates

POLITICAL LETTERS: Meriden, Wallingford and Cheshire candidates

Council not a circus



I have read the guest columns written by Manny Santos and Lenny Rich. Some questions: Why don’t they have anything good to say about Meriden? Why do they blame others for their personal failures to accomplish anything? Why have their histories in public office been discredited by their embarrassing, unruly behavior? Why did they create a circus-like atmosphere in City Council when there was important work to be done? We need people with positive plans for moving Meriden forward. We need people like David Lowell and Bruce Fontanella who are running for Council at-large on the Democratic slate.

Craig Hanson, Meriden

Working for us


The Meriden Green is a success beyond what anyone imagined. A national architecture journal placed our green among “Six of America’s Newest and Grandest Public Spaces.” A national engineering publication reported, “Meriden Green … has become the catalyst for the city’s economic revitalization. By transforming an abandoned retail mall and parking lot on a brownfield site into a beautiful park, the project has converted urban blight into an urban gem.” Our Democratic municipal officials had the wisdom, determination and ability required for this ambitious undertaking. Elect the Democratic slate so that they may continue their vital work on our behalf.

Diane Kubeck, Meriden

Progress in Meriden


Meriden is on the move. Jobs are being created, and progress is being made through projects like high school renovations and the new train station. Problems that have held us back for many years are being addressed with creative solutions like the Meriden Green, where many great events are taking place. This pace of progress in Meriden has not been seen in generations, and the Democrats have made it happen. They have earned our votes at the polls.

Gina Manning, Meriden

Proven competence


We all want our property taxes to be as low as possible. One way is to reduce essential municipal services and short-change our schoolchildren. The other way is to grow the grand list by rebuilding Meriden, attracting new business and new residents.

The minority parties prefer the former method, engaging in a race to the bottom. Meriden Democrats prefer the latter – responsible budgeting with wise investments in our city’s future.

Meriden is moving ahead. Vote Democratic for the proven competence to make a still better tomorrow.

Beth Hargett, Meriden

Re-elect Peter Talbot

There are many reasons to re-elect Peter Talbot to the Cheshire Town Council representing the Fourth District. Here are three: First, Peter is responsive to the needs of his constituents and takes them seriously. Second, Peter works in a bipartisan manner to get things done, as evidenced by his ability to draft a town budget which included full-day kindergarten, with virtually the same mill rate. And finally, at this time when state aid is being cut, Peter is knowledgeable about the budgeting process and will work diligently to keep Cheshire moving in the right direction. Please join me in voting for Peter Talbot.

Kerrie Dunne, Cheshire

Positive action


The Democratic slogan is “Positively Meriden.” The Democrats are positive in their love for Meriden and positive in their tireless work building a still better future. Meanwhile, members of the other parties frown and sit on their hands. On November 7, let us pick positive action over do-nothing negativism by electing the Democratic team.

John Eno, Meriden

Vote for Bruce Conroy


Bruce Conroy, with his experience in the building trades and general contracting, has the knowledge of a businessman with the perspective of a worker. Bruce will bring a unique skillset to the Wallingford Town Council. I’ve seen Bruce in action, working with local officials and inspectors, teaching apprentices, and finishing on time and even under budget. I know he will work hard to improve the quality of life for residents while keeping the cost of living down. Bruce has residents’ best interests at heart, and I encourage you to vote for him on November 7.

Ted Duarte, Wallingford

Exemplary role model


My husband, Darius L. Riddle, is the most inspiring man I have ever met, father of our two beautiful children, and candidate for City Council Area 4. Darius is driven by the values of family, community and fairness. He is an exemplary role model for hundreds of young people in the Meriden sports leagues for which he has volunteered over many years. I support Darius’ decision to run for office and I am confident that once elected he will bring great change to our city. Hope to see you all on Election Day!

Enileika Lopez-Riddle, Meriden

Let progress continue


Downtown Meriden is having a building boom. For the first time in decades, we will be seeing new residents, new stores and new restaurants in the heart of our city. Private investors have stepped up to finance these developments. Federal and state grants have provided added value to these projects – bringing the tax dollars we sent to Washington and Hartford back to Meriden. The Democrats on the City Council have been the architects of downtown’s restoration. With our votes for them, the momentum will continue.

Marisol Estrada, Meriden

Vote Irene and Manny


Record-Journal early, cats apprensive about elections. I don’t usually name candidates but sheep used as tools to opine certain agendas. Since my father’s Democratic Party of the 50’s, they forgot who pulls the wagon. We rebuild downtown to only rebuild it again and hide poverty in affordable housing. We had 24 years on the national scene. 25 years since state income tax and years of local government run by lackeys who used the Democratic Party for their benefit we cannot afford to support programs to take care of every aspect of society. Save Meriden vote Republican. Vote Irene and Manny.

S.C. Staszewski, Meriden

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