POLITICAL LETTERS: Southington, Meriden and Wallingford

POLITICAL LETTERS: Southington, Meriden and Wallingford

60 percent don’t vote



Tired of that bla, bla, blaa that, we keep getting from the people that run Southington. Then vote Democrat this election. At least the Dems won’t try to do away with our hospital like the Republicans tried to do and not tell us.

Same with the half-way houses in our neighborhoods. My favorite is the repaving of many of our side streets. I could show you some dirt roads in town that are in better shape than our side streets.

The only reason they keep getting re-elected is because 60 plus percent of the voters don’t go out and vote.

Gary Paradis, Southington

“Yes” on changes


I hope that Wallingford voters will approve the proposed Charter revisions. I have read all the recommended changes and language updates, and they make sense to me. My only question was why the Charter Revision Commission decided to leave the PUC at three members. So I asked about their reasoning and whether PUC members had had a chance to weigh in on the issue. I’m satisfied that their decision to keep a three-member PUC is reasonable. These changes/updates need to be passed. I hope Wallingford voters will give a resounding “yes” to the Charter ballot question on Tuesday, Nov. 7.

Alexandria Johnson, Wallingford

Build on successes


In municipal government, you want elected officials who have the competence and intelligence to get the job done. Let’s look at the record. Larue Graham and his fellow Democratic councilors have delivered for us. The re-construction of our high schools came in on-time and over $2 million under budget. The Meriden Green has scored national honors as an urban oasis that also ended a century of flooding disasters. Our downtown is being transformed with hundreds of millions in new private and public investment. Vote for the Democratic team and continue to build on these successes.

Gina McEwen, Meriden

Support Meriden Democrats


I am urging all my friends in Meriden to please support and vote for the Meriden Democratic candidates in the upcoming election. The Democrats on the City Council and on the Board of Education have been working to make positive changes for you and our fine city. I proudly tell others of our quality schools, our economic upswing, our beautiful green and of the good people who live in our city. We’re moving forward together. Let’s keep it up and support Mayor Kevin Scarpati and all the Meriden Democrats this Election Day. Thank you.

Chris Donovan, Meriden

Don’t be fooled


The Meriden mayoral and city council debate confirmed that the Republicans’ entire approach is to take credit for the accomplishments of the Democrats over the last ten years. The hard-working Democrats devised and implemented a plan to demolish the Mills Apartments after much public input and already have hundreds of units of market-rate housing in the pipeline for downtown Meriden once the train station is completed and the Mills Apartments are gone. Don’t be fooled by the Republicans promising what the Democrats already are delivering. Vote Row A Democrats on November 7th and keep Meriden moving forward!

Brian P. Daniels, Meriden

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