LETTERS: Wallingford warehouse proposal, Federal shutdown, Muslim Youth Association

LETTERS: Wallingford warehouse proposal, Federal shutdown, Muslim Youth Association

Overburdened roadway


As area residents are aware, the roadway impacted by the proposed massive warehouse development at 5 Research Parkway is a major route for travelers accessing I-91, Routes 5 and 68, area businesses and schools.

Per the article published December 29th, BMS was approved for a maximum total of 655 peak-hour trips pending construction of additional buildings which were never completed. The proposal for this property, based entirely on projections with no tenant identified, accounts for over 1,800 trips and 211 peak-hour trips (estimated at 3-4 p.m.). These projections did not account for the type of vehicles, only the number of trips. Tractor trailers account for the equivalent of 3-4 vehicles in terms of capacity, as stated by town engineer Rob Baltramitis. The applicant has stated that the warehouses and 244 loading docks will be operated 24/7. This massive increase in the amount of tractor trailers exiting and entering Rt.68, I-91 and Research Parkway is not in line with the traffic generated by the vehicles of BMS employees.

It is crucial to consider that if a permit is approved based on these projections, the operations of the final tenant may generate a different peak hour which could paralyze an already overburdened roadway.

The entire school bus transportation service will also be impacted. Durham Transportation, located on Northrop Road (adjacent to Carpenter Lane), services the school system with a fleet of 150 buses, mini-buses and vans. Due to a visual obstruction on Northrop Road, the entire fleet is required to access Rt.68 via the same intersection at Research Parkway as the proposed massive influx of tractor trailers. We must consider the impact to the bus routes and travel time to schools (including the schools located directly on/at the other end of Rt.68), compounded by the rising probability of travel delays due to accidents and breakdowns.

Rachel DiPietro, Wallingford


A dangerous tailspin


So the US has gone from being a nation of laws working for Americans to a hopelessly backlogged law enforcement agency swamped by innumerable cases of official corruption, unable to provide even basic services like food safety and civil law, all for what, a WALL? This looks like a very  dangerous tailspin. Good governance guys! Thanks for draining the swamp.

David James, Meriden


Serving the nation


More than two weeks into the partial government shutdown, chapters of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association of America have been cleaning up national parks and monuments as federal workers have not been able to maintain national parks’ usually pristine landscape that have now become littered with waste.

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community in America continuously strives to serve its nation as it is fundamental that we all develop a passion to serve mankind and mandated by our faith. These cleanups are a part of AMYA’s broader ongoing efforts to serve the community, which consist of conducting blood drives, tree planting, and feeding the needy across the nation.  As an Ahmadi Muslim Youth, I know that we will try to continue this effort as long as the government shutdown persists as it is not only a civic obligation, but rather the duty of all citizens to participate in service during times of crisis.

Waleed Saeed, Wallingford


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