LETTERS: Columbus controversy / State budget

LETTERS: Columbus controversy / State budget

More about Columbus


In response to Chris Powell’s column, “Fix Columbus Day to honor its only real beneficiaries” (Record-Journal, Oct. 12), Mr. Powell writes: “The problem with picking on Columbus is that he wasn’t worse than many others in authority during the European conquest of the Americas, right through the founding and expansion of the United States.”

While this may be so, it is important to note that, according to Howard Zinn in “A People’s History of the United States, 1492 – Present”: “Columbus and his men were responsible for the deaths of approximately 125,000 of 250,000 Arawak Indians on the island of Haiti. The remaining Indians were taken from Haiti and used as slave labor on large estates where thousands more of them died.”

Phil Statlender, Meriden

Needed: A moral budget


To every Republican senator and three Democratic senators? What is it about a moral budget that you resist? Raising taxes on those who can well afford it and on corporations that already have a lower tax rate than surrounding states?

Funding public education at every level and supporting teachers who are the very fiber of public education? Advocating the democratic practice of collective bargaining? Ensuring that the poor and middle class don’t pay more and that the rich pay their fair share?

What is it about the “conscience” of three Democratic senators and every Republican senator that is soothed by such a budget?

Jan Carlsson-Bull, Middletown

People not represented


The Republican budget that recently passed the house and senate lays bare the ongoing war on the poor that Republicans have been waging for decades. Cuts to services that benefit the poor and middle class.

The budget does not represent some kind of conservative ideals. It is instead another violent blow on the poor struck by the rich. As long as our representatives do not represent the people, we will continue to suffer.

Eric Morgenson, Middletown

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