LETTERS: GOP politics / Meriden flag concern

LETTERS: GOP politics / Meriden flag concern

GOP: Cruel and unusual punishment


My fellow citizens ... we must not allow this blatant evil to persevere. Republicans, owing their purchased allegiance to well-moneyed special interests, have become a strident, morally bankrupt cabal, intent on inflicting cruel and unusual punishment upon our persons. This is no longer a simple difference of direction or the customary discourse of competing ideas. No, this has become a “Thieves Chess Match,” where corporate America and the excessive greed of the filthy rich have “demanded” a favorable return on their political investments. They will not relent in their desire to fund “their” tax reductions; having set their sights, while targeting Social Security and Medicare (two programs they have no use for). These social programs have been supported (fully) by life-long workers, as an insurance policy, to sustain them throughout their retirement. The Robber Barons have returned and now “own” the Republican Party. Ridiculously rich, as they are, they neither require nor deserve tax reductions. They proceed, within their construct of a slovenly and glutinous desire, to satisfy an insatiable degree of avarice and incurable excess. We must stop this ... here and now ... and with one loud and unmistakable voice.

Delmiro D. Gomes, Southington

Tattered and torn


I was wondering if you could contact someone to replace the American flag on the corner Carpenter Ave. and Dexter Ave. I watched the ceremony when they originally raised it, and now it’s all tattered and torn. It doesn’t seem right that this flag should be left this way. Thank you.

Robert Vumback, Meriden

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