LETTERS: It’s a mistake to legalize marijuana

LETTERS: It’s a mistake to legalize marijuana

A huge mistake


Legalizing recreational marijuana is a huge mistake. Connecticut is embarking on a slippery slope with no thought of consequences, and the Legislature has no legitimate basis for this move.

 Have our legislators researched the effects of marijuana in other states? Obviously not. Facts do not matter.

Ignoring other states’ problems is a mistake, but the Democrat majority is determined to legalize marijuana anyway.

 In Colorado, marijuana use by youth age 12 and older is 85 percent higher than the national average.

Since legalization, Colorado marijuana hospitalizations have tripled. Just Google “marijuana legalization impact reports”; you will be surprised by where this road will lead.

The marijuana industry is big business, and one must wonder how much money is behind the marijuana legislation. (Have you read about investing in marijuana stock?  I have.)

If passed, will legislators allow municipalities to opt out of hosting marijuana businesses, as other states have included in their legislation?

Legislators say recreational marijuana is about racism and police targeting minorities disproportionate to whites, so they want to expunge prior marijuana arrests. The law is the law, period. All citizens want safe communities. Police patrol where crime occurs, and they respond where residents request police presence. Are politicians driving a wedge between the community and police? I believe so, and for what?— votes! Politicians and the news media report a lack or no trust between police and minorities. I wonder why!

Recreational marijuana ensures that Connecticut citizens — including the minority community — will have a high probability of failing workplace drug testing and potentially losing their jobs. It will ensure job applicants will fail preemployment drug testing. Connecticut employers already have a difficult time with applicant drug testing failures.

Is this how our legislators help their communities? Getting them stoned?  For a few tax dollars?

William Butka, Wallingford


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