POLITICAL LETTERS:  Local and national races

POLITICAL LETTERS:  Local and national races

Nov. 6 a turning point


You can’t fix stupid but you can vote it out. I took an oath on 17 Feb. 64 which contained the words “defend the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.” Most domestic enemies slowly take over. They will take care of you by taxing you till you had enough. Remember we founded this country on being taxed enough already. This election on Nov. 6 will be the turning point on which direction you will go.

It’s not about the president but the Congress that will control your lives. Serfs or patriots, your choice. Stand for the flag, kneel for the cross.

S.C. Staszewski, Meriden

Abrams for working families


We have an opportunity to send someone to Hartford that has our back on health care, the economy, gun safety, the environment, and protecting our rights. If those issues are important to you, know that they are NOT to Len Suzio. He voted against banning bump stocks, doesn’t believe sexual orientation should be included in anti-discrimination laws, and his views on a woman's right to choose severely limit those rights.

Mary Abrams will fight for working families. She will stand up for our shared values. Please consider voting for her to represent the 13th Senate District in CT!

Therese Bradley, Cheshire

Unfair to Suzio


A recent article discussed some environmentalists who are portraying Senator Len Suzio as being anti-environment, but that’s unfair. Len’s primary concern is our cost of living.  One example of this was demonstrated by Len during the last session when he introduced a bill for solar street lights. If the utilities could install solar panels on utility poles, the 25-year life cycle cost would be lower than that of conventional energy. Thus, municipalities would reduce spending, our cost of living would be lower, and there would be fewer emissions in the air. Please join me in voting for Len Suzio!

Tim White, Cheshire

We need strong voices


I am not registered as a Democrat or Republican. I have maintained my status as an independent voter, so I can vote for the candidates that best reflect my values and beliefs. I have been a licensed clinical social worker for 50 years. I have always been a strong advocate for children and families and for a strong educational system. Jahana Hayes and Mary Abrams, with their dedication to the needs of children and families best reflect my values. Please consider voting for them in November. Our state and our country need strong voices.

Susan L. Reale, Meriden

Voting for Abercrombie


I am voting for Cathy Abercrombie for state representative on November 6. Cathy is a champion for the middle class and working people in Meriden and Berlin. She has made good jobs a priority in our community by supporting technical high schools and programs that support job training. She is a strong voice for Berlin and Meriden in Hartford, and works hard for all of us. Please vote for Cathy to continue growing opportunities for students to find good jobs here in Connecticut.

Kristin Campanelli, Berlin

Suzio is for the people


I wholeheartedly support Len Suzio for re-election as state senator for the 13th District. Len’s policies have consistently favored the welfare of Connecticut’s citizens.  He voted against Gov. Malloy’s tax increases. He was successful in passing a bill to defund the governor’s taxpayer-funded study of a potential mileage tax. And in continuing his battle to keep more money in the pockets of Connecticut’s citizens, Len recently spearheaded an effort to stop the installation of tolls in the state.

Vote for Len Suzio on November 6.  He works for the people of Connecticut.

Maureen Schappert, Meriden

Elect Mary Abrams!


I am so grateful to Mary Abrams for having the courage and selflessness to run for state Senate. We have seen Republican politicians, both in Washington and in Hartford, press their extreme, right-wing agenda. They seek to limit access to health insurance, to turn back the clock on women, to allow the scourge of gun violence to continue unabated, to undermine our public school systems, and to deny fundamental rights in the workplace. Please take an important action to stop this ultra-conservative assault on those of us who are not in the upper one-percent by electing Mary Abrams.

Beth Hargett, Meriden

Open-space question


On Nov. 6, Southington voters will be asked to support or deny a $2 million open-space referendum. I urge everyone to please support this effort. This does not include the purchase of development rights, however it does allow open-space land acquisition funds to secure land that may come up for sale for preservation in perpetuity. If you are undecided, then I urge you to visit parcels that are of historical value: the Curtiss and Woodruff open space parcels, and many more, (visit http://www.southington.org/openspace).

Please help preserve our community’s unique and powerful history. Time is running out and so is our land.

Jennifer Clock, Southington

The writer is a member of the Southington Planning and Zoning Commission.

We need Aili McKeen


At a time when partisanship seems worse than ever, it is refreshing to have a candidate for office who has an open mind and bases her positions on what is in the best interests of the working middle-class citizens of our state. Aili McKeen is a candidate for the 34th State Senate District. She is not beholden to any special interests nor to financial supporters or influential lobbying blocs.

Aili McKeen embodies what we want and need in a public servant. She is intelligent, independent, principled, and committed to improving the debate and performance in our state government.

Vincent Testa, Wallingford

Compassionate government


2016 reminded us that a vote for greed and corruption will backfire every time. Does CT truly grasp what's at stake in November? We've been buffered from the impact of Trump's administration by strong CT (Democratic) leadership. Without the buffer of strong leaders, we lose protection from federal efforts to gut our state's healthcare, our commitment to human rights, environmental policies and more. If you still feel safe enough to vote Republican, it's only because in CT we're not feeling the full wrath of what's happening nationally, thanks to Democrats. Be smart November 6th. Vote for compassionate government. Vote Democrat.

Sharlene B. Kerelejza, Meriden

Protect public lands!


Connecticut citizens finally have a chance to vote on a constitutional amendment to protect our public lands. Each year the General Assembly sells, swaps or gives away our public land, and most people never know about it. The General Assembly can sell, swap or give away state parks, forests and other valuable public lands with no public input.

Voting YES for question #2 on the ballot would require a public hearing and a 2/3 vote from the General Assembly before your state parks and forests and state-owned farmlands could be sold, swapped, or given away to private companies or local governments.

Bernie Noonan, East Hampton

Re-elect Craig Fishbein


Craig Fishbein was elected as our state representative in 2016 because he was the most qualified candidate. That fact has not changed, and he has my full endorsement in the upcoming election. Craig proudly and effectively serves on our Town Council too. He takes a no-nonsense approach to solving the issues surrounding our town, and faithfully maintains a positive direction for our state. I can think of no one who is more qualified to represent us, whether it be in our town or at the State Capitol. Please join me in supporting Craig Fishbein, he’s earned it.

Jo-Anne Rusczek, Wallingford

Fishbein most qualified


There is no doubt that Craig Fishbein is the most qualified candidate to be our State Representative, and I endorse his re-election candidacy. He is a successful attorney, and a respected civic leader. He is an active member of the Wallingford community, and has a passion for serving the people. Craig now has two years of experience as a legislator in Hartford and is an invaluable asset to the towns he represents. There is no doubt Connecticut needs a new direction, and Craig is prepared to help chart that course. Please join me in supporting Craig Fishbein for State Representative.

Tom Vitali, Wallingford

Fishbein’s work ethic


I am proud to endorse Craig Fishbein for his re-election to the state legislature. I pay fairly close attention to the candidates that represent Wallingford, and I am aware of how serious Craig is regarding his duties as a State Representative. He puts an enormous amount of effort into meeting the obligations to his constituents, in both the committee process and in the House Chamber debating policy. He has tremendous desire for the facts, an incredible work ethic, and takes great pride in knowing all he can before he speaks or votes. That’s the type of continued representation we deserve.

Noma Beaumont, Wallingford

Vote for Buddy and Mary


I am so pleased that Buddy Altobello is my state representative, and I look forward to having Mary Abrams as my new state senator. Buddy has the qualities we want in a public official: the intelligence to tackle our state’s tough challenges; the dedication to fight for our needs; and the integrity to deserve our trust. Mary is the fresh voice we desperately need in the Senate. She is not an ideological extremist (unlike many at the State Capitol today), but instead a thoughtful, common sense person with an impressive background who reflects the decent values of our community.

Dennis Johnson, Meriden










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