OPINION: According to one study, CT is the 13th least sinful state

OPINION: According to one study, CT is the 13th least sinful state

Good news: Connecticut is not bad. That is, it’s not the most sinful state in the Union — not even close. We’re the 38th most sinful, which means we’re the 13th least sinful, which puts us in the bottom 26 percent in terms of criminality, immorality, misdeeds, wrongdoing, iniquity, peccadillos,  vice, wickedness, evil-doing, and the like.

That’s according to the findings of a study put out recently by WalletHub, a personal finance website. I don’t know how scientific this is, but the folks at WalletHub claim they used a comprehensive methodology based on the following categories and factors:

ANGER & HATRED (factors studied include violent crime rates, sex offenders, bullying, hate crimes, maltreated adults, maltreated children, hostile internet comments, and mass shootings.) In this category Tennessee was the worst and Hawaii was the best; Connecticut came in 46th, which puts us in the bottom five – that is, the least-sinful five.

JEALOUSY (factors include identity-theft complaints, and other complaints.) Florida was the worst and Vermont the best; Connecticut was 24th, which puts us in the bad half of the states. Hmmm.

EXCESSES & VICES (factors include share of obese adults, fast-food establishments per capita, excessive drinking, smoking, coffee drinking, marijuana use, opioid use, drug overdose deaths, and debt-to-income ratio.) Ohio was the worst and Vermont, again, the best; Connecticut came in 45th, another good showing.

GREED (factors include casinos per capita, charitable donations as share of income, and share of population with gambling disorders.) Nevada was the greediest and Georgia the least greedy; Connecticut tied for 47th, again in the bottom five.

LUST (factors include teen birth rate, Google search interest index for “XXX Entertainment,” and average time spent on adult entertainment sites.) Tawdry Texas was ranked the most lustful, and virtuous Vermont the least; Connecticut was once again in the bottom five, at no. 46.

VANITY (factors include beauty salons per capita, Google search interest index for “Top 5 plastic surgeries,” and expenditures per household on personal care products and services.) New York was judged most vain and West Virginia least vain; Connecticut ranked 17th here — our worst ranking.

LAZINESS (factors include share of adults not exercising, average weekly hours worked, volunteer rate, average daily time spent watching TV, high school graduation rate, and share of disconnected youth.) WalletHub’s study puts Nevada in the laziest slot and finds New Hampshire the least lazy; Connecticut came in 35th place here, making us slightly lazier than Wyoming but slightly less lazy than Kansas.

As for overall virtue vs. vice, the top (most sinful) three states were Florida, California, and Nevada, in that order. The saintly three were Vermont, North Dakota, and Maine. Ranked 38th, Connecticut almost (but not quite) squeaked into the righteous 25 percent of the states. We missed it by the skin of our teeth — but, given our high ranking for vanity, those teeth presumably have had the benefit of a conscientiously applied program of oral hygiene and regular professional care.

In other words, steady habits may have their place after all.

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