SOFTBALL: Tri-Town Tournament returns to Ben Nessing Field on Friday night

SOFTBALL: Tri-Town Tournament returns to Ben Nessing Field on Friday night

MERIDEN — For a 22nd year, the men’s and women’s softball champions of Wallingford, Meriden and Southington will face off in the Tri-Town Tournament. The event plays Friday night at Meriden’s Ben Nessing Field starting at 6 p.m.

“It’s just nice to see other towns participate,” said veteran tournament director Dan Terribile. “It’s nice to see what their best players and teams have to offer.”

Wallingford returns the defending Tri-Town men’s champion, though under a new name. Incredible Oil a year ago, the Wallingford squad is now sponsored by Binc. The same team also won the Tri-Town title in 2015.

A new women’s champ will be crowned. Southington’s Pal Power Washing won on a walk-off last year. This year, Rossitto Welding has returned to the fore in the Southington league along with men’s champ Spartan’s II, which is back in the Tri-Town after Fragola Performance ended it’s four-year run as Southington kingpin last summer.

Host Meriden will put forth Peruti’s in the men’s bracket and Thurston Foods in the women’s field. Peruti’s, the No. 1 seed last year in the M.A.S.A. playoffs, was denied a trip to the 2017 Tri-Town by Double Play Cafe.

The women’s representative from Wallingford is a familiar one: Fosdick Fulfillment, which is making its sixth straight appearance in the Tri-Town.

The Wallingford and Meriden teams will get the tournament started at 6 p.m. The losers of the opening games face the Southington champs at 7 p.m. The Southington teams stay on the field at 8 p.m. to play the winners of the 6 p.m. games.

If a team comes out of the scrum at 2-0, it is the Tri-Town champ. If three teams all emerge with a 1-1 record, the two with the highest run differential will square off for the championship at 9 p.m.

Last year’s men’s tournament had to go to a fourth game.

“Teams come out every year and they put it all on the line,” said Terribile. “I just want to see some good quality softball. It’s good to see teams make the fundamental plays and take extra bases when possible. It’s great to see this sport being played the right way and I think that’s what we’ll see on Friday.”

Here are the rosters for the six qualifying teams, starting with the women.

Fosdick Fulfillment: Leeann Cipriani, Sherry Robitaille, Carey Messenger, Trina Smith, Deanna Rackie, Robyn Oram, Linda Brockett, Charity Singer, Kelli Marnake, Jaslin Lombra, Dana Murchison, Kelly Hamppt, Jenna Paul, Mary Schneider, Stephanie Segurm, Carol Morris, Heather Dorsey, Meghan Klemm and Tara Michalowski. 

Rossitto Welding: Nicole Rossitto, Nicole Verrilli, Kaitlin Gendreau, Ally Land, Mirela Sawicka, Kimberly Demarino, Michelle Woodruff, Alyssa Dumphy, Emily Renehan, Rachel Harvey, Nicole Woodruff, Jacquelyn Couillard, Rebecca Campochiaro, Kathryn Kofsuske, Rachel Lancaster, Katie Gill, Emily Gendreau, Coreen Charette and Meghan Asplund.

Thurston Foods: Ashley Rossi, Noelle Thurston, Emma Papandrea, Catherine Sabith, Taylor Odell-Smith, Kristen Muir, Jasmine Johnson, Skye Sgambati, Megan Jakiela, Kelly Jakiela, Gabrielle Wagloria, Rebecca Costello, Marissa Costello, Shima Amaker, Erin Delgreco, Jade Blair, Alle Sabith, Erica Michalak and Mallorie Michalak.

Binc: Gary Stanley, Jason Stanley, Keith Sobkowiak, Jay Wyatt, Scott Sobkowiak, Matt Shubert, Mike Monack, Mark Tomin, Evan O’Hara, Joe Valentino, Kevin Ridley, Chris Mappa, Frank Destefano, Anthony Balderacchi, Sayso Patel, Dan Chisholm, PJ Grant, Dan Whitz, and Chad Germz.

Peruti’s: Bryan Peruti, Bill Long, Jakob Voychick, Pat Harrington, Brian Kubek, Ryan Thayer, Tyler Donnan, Kris Selvaggi, Tim Phillips, Derek Drag, Rob Cassella, Jeff Milner, Nick Parillo, Connor Tarragna, Dan Mazzacarro, John Wilson, and Keith Devit. 

Spartan’s II: Chuck March, Charlie Lehner, Chip Florio, Joe Cote, Joel Karabeinkoff, Matt Venditto, James MacAloon, Evan Tuttle, Dave Bahlinger, Karl Karabeinkoff, Jason Schiffmiller, Julian Cruz, Eric Kraemer, Nick Cote, Dan Breutsch, Jamie Raymond, Vic Sunden and Brian Perella. 



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