Sitting BOE members endorse bipartisan slate in Meriden

MERIDEN — Two veteran Board of Education members have endorsed five candidates in next week’s election.

Board President Mark Hughes, a Democrat, and board secretary Robert E. Kosienski Jr., a Republican, said they both like the current board and how members work together to support the school system. They said they want the board to remain intact and therefore have endorsed all four incumbents who are seeking re-election plus a newcomer, Kyle Abercrombie, a Democrat.

“We’re very comfortable and happy with the direction of the board,” Kosienski said. “We’re proud to endorse Democrats Steve O’Donnell, Michael Cardona and Kyle Abercrombie, as well as Republicans Scott Hozebin and Kim Carbone-Pandiani.

Seats on the nine-member school board have staggered four-year terms. Hughes and Kosienski’s terms run through 2015. Five seats are being contested by nine candidates in this year’s election.

Hughes said he has met with Abercrombie, and he believes she will add a new perspective to the board if elected. Kosienski echoed some of Hughes’ thoughts on Abercrombie and said his young age is a benefit, as are his contacts at the state.

Kosienski said Cardona is dedicated to making sure the board is a cohesive group, and O’Donnell brings a lot of experience and the ability to negotiate contracts.

Hughes said Carbone-Pandiani tries to be as informed as she can be. He said Hozebin doesn’t take things at face value and doesn’t rubber-stamp initiatives.

—Kimberly Primicerio

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